News from the Canada Region
Marc Garneau, Canada Regional Director
Fall 2015

I hope you had a relaxing and regenerating summer. I am sure I am not alone in appreciating how late Labour Day came this year.

In July the NCSM Board met in Oakland. This was my first official Board meeting. I am simply amazed at how much this passionate and dedicated group accomplishes and plans for. I'm excited to be a part of the Iris Project, an NCSM Digital Learning Initiative. You can view the white paper, "Mathematics Education in the Digital Age". At the end of August the Iris Project Steering Committee met in Dallas to make final decisions about the set of resources we plan to develop over the next year. Stay tuned for some important and exciting news. The modules we will create will no doubt be of benefit to our Math education leaders in Canada.

If you are going to any of this fall's NCTM regionals please consider going a day early to attend one of NCSM's fall seminars. The 2015 Fall Seminars will present the theme, "IT'S TIME: Using Imperatives to Support and Motivate Leaders in Mathematics Education: Shifting Beliefs and Mindsets".

Dates: October 21 Atlantic City, NJ November 11 Minneapolis, MN November 18 Nashville, TN

Fall is a busy time in many of the provinces. Please check my Summer 2015 report for the dates and links for the provincial mathematics conferences.

One of my responsibilities as the Regional Director for Canada is to visit provincial groups (e.g.: at a conference, executive meeting). In this my first year, I hope to visit Manitoba and Ontario. My next report will have further details.

Have a great year! And please keep in touch! ()
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