News from the Western 1 Region
Sandie Gilliam, Western 1 Regional Director
Fall 2015

Students are getting ready: Back to school sales, back to school supplies…and back to school clothing haul?

Teachers are getting ready: Decorating their classrooms, attending professional development workshops, and perhaps enjoying that last little bit of vacation! What are you doing to prepare yourself for your math leadership position?

Think back on 2014-2015. What were your accomplishments? Build on them. Reflect on any summer work you engaged in. For me, teaching 23 middle school students at a summer math camp at Stanford University was the highlight of my summer. I learned so much about growth mindset working with Jo Boaler. While I currently work primarily with pre-service teachers, getting back to my roots of teaching secondary students, after eight years, filled my heart and inspired me to continue to research and implement growth versus fixed mindset messages with all ages. I enjoy re-watching the YouCubed camp video of the kids, and seeing their joy with math!

MAKE PLANS now to attend (Click on the links for more info.):

Your state conference (or one that is closer to you):

It will be a great conference focused around the theme: "Building bridges between leadership and learning mathematics: Leveraging education innovation and research to inspire and engage." The opening of conference and housing registration is late August. Plan to register early to increase your chances of getting tickets to the various meal functions.

Feel free to contact me or your State Team Leader with feedback and/or suggestions.

Life-long learning is my goal. Have a great start to your school year! - Sandie

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