News from the Western 2 Region
Nancy Drickey, Western 2 Regional Director
Fall 2015

I love fall, the changing weather, and the excitement and anticipation of a new school year. The stores are stocked with school supplies, parents and children fill the malls searching for school clothes, and teachers/leaders prepare for another year to begin. My grandkids are so excited to find out who their teachers are and who will be in their classes. My teacher friends are gearing up mentally for the challenges and opportunities ahead while running around getting their classrooms and curriculum ready. My classes have started and I am enjoying meeting new students, learning names, adjusting to a new textbook, deciding on a few new strategies to try, and finding a few professional development opportunities that will fit into my schedule. It is my sincere hope that we will all have a great 2015-2016 school year.

We are so lucky to have the 2016 NCSM Annual Conference in our region this year. The conference will be held April 11-13, 2016 at the Oakland Marriott City Center. The theme is: Building Bridges Between Leadership and Learning Mathematics: Leveraging Education Innovation and Research to Inspire and Engage. Housing and registration are now open. I hope to see you in Oakland!

Are you looking for a great professional development opportunity this fall? Consider attending one of the NCSM Fall Leadership Seminars in Atlantic City, Minneapolis, or Nashville. The focus this fall is on IT'S TIME: Using Imperatives to Support and Motivate Leaders in Mathematics Education: Shifting Beliefs and Mindsets. Each seminar is held the day before an NCTM regional conference in the same location.

Other events in our region are listed in the NCSM calendar. If you know of an upcoming event that is not listed in our events calendar, please contact me at .

I would like to thank our State Team Leaders (STLs) for their continued support. They are Tami Matsumoto (Washington); Patty Sandoz and Mark Freed (Oregon); Mel Olson (Hawaii); Hope Bjerke (Northern California); Christine Roberts (Central California); and Diane Kinch and Annette Kitagawa (Southern California). If you have questions for our STLs, they are listed on the right hand column on this page.


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