News from the Eastern 1 Region
Suzanne Libfeld, Eastern 1 Regional Director
Spring 2016

The last three years have been a rewarding experience representing the math leaders across our region. Meeting mathematics education leaders throughout the region has been the highlight of the job as we are all working diligently to support teaching and learning of mathematics. I am grateful for this experience and the relationships I have developed with the Eastern Region 1 members and state team leaders.

The 48th NCSM annual conference this year is in Oakland, California April 11-13, " BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING MATHEMATICS:

Leveraging Education Innovation and Research to Inspire and Engage

The program and session descriptions can be found on the NCSM website. The conference is a great opportunity to expand your network of resources and tools to support your work. Meet the next Eastern 1 Regional Director - Shawn Towle. Shawn is a mathematics teacher at Falmouth Middle School, Maine. Shawn is a Past President of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine and volunteers for NCSM as the web editor and most recently served as the Eastern 1 region representative and chair of NCTM's Affiliate Services Committee.

Shawn is a founding member of the Casco Bay Math Teachers' Circle. Shawn facilitates mathematics professional learning opportunities for K-8 math educators at local, regional and national conferences. He is a frequent presenter for the Connected Mathematics Project at Michigan State University. I hope you are planning to attend the conference and will also attend the Eastern 1 Regional Caucus during the conference. It is a great opportunity to meet and network with leaders in your region.

Eastern 1 Regional Caucus - Tuesday, April 14 3:30 - 4:15 p.m.

Room OCC 203

The Caucus provides an opportunity for all NCSM members' voices to be heard! I will facilitate the Eastern 1 Regional Caucus and will share information on NCSM initiatives, national issues, and future events. Come network and celebrate regional success with fellow mathematics leaders. This is your chance to ask questions. There will also be drawings for door prizes and information on an opportunity to participate in a committee meeting. We look forward to seeing you at the caucus.

I recently attended the New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics conference in Keene, New Hampshire. It was wonderful to see the administrators, teacher leaders, teachers and pre-service teachers excited about the conference. The New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics is proud to host the 2016 Fall Conference for the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England in Manchester, New Hampshire.

There are many regional and state conferences in the next months in the Eastern 1 Region. Events in our region, including a link to more information, are listed in the calendar section of this page.

May 5 Dinner with Dan Meyer sponsored by the Rhode Island Mathematics Teacher Association in Warwick, RI.

June 27-29 New Cubed conference New Rochelle, NY. A joint conference sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State, the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England and the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey.

September 23 and 24. New York State Association of Mathematics Supervisors: The annual Hall of Fame dinner and Leadership Summit will be held in Suffern, NY

October 20-21, 2016 Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England conference, Manchester New Hampshire.

November 10-12 Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State conference, Rye, NY.

Affiliates: Does your math association want to be an affiliate with NCSM? NCSM invites state, regional and provincial mathematics leadership organizations that meet the criteria (listed on the website) to become an affiliate of NCSM. We hope that you will consider this opportunity to work more closely with NCSM and to gain benefits from the association.

It has been a pleasure serving as the Eastern 1 Regional Director for the past three years. Reach out to your colleagues and invite them to join NCSM. Help us build our mathematics education leadership community.

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