News from the Eastern 2 Region
Bill Barnes, Eastern 2 Regional Director
Spring 2016

Reflections: Spring is a time of year for renewal and revitalization. It is a time for new growth. Why not leverage this energy and take some time to invest in your own growth as a leader. Read a book, actively engage in professional networking, or attend a webinar, conference, or "Un-conference." This spring, NCSM offers some professional fertilizer. On April 11-13, the NCSM hosts an annual conference in Oakland, California. If you plan to attend this conference, please plan to attend our regional caucus to meet and learn from leaders in our region. It is an excellent time to generate new ideas and learn from each other. On May 7th, the NCSM is hosting a "un-conference" (Ed-Camp style) in Columbia, MD. This event is free to members (and a guest) and is designed to engage leaders in collaborative, problem-solving spaces. Registration for this event is limited. Please sign up by following this link. I hope to meet you at one or both of these events. Have a wonderful spring season!

Consider Becoming and NCSM Affiliate: If your association is interested in affiliation, please visit our Affiliates page to learn how. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need support. The MCSM and PCSM have been gracious in offering their support to any prospective Affiliates.

Upcoming State Conferences, Meetings, and Events: Tis the season of state and regional mathematics conferences. Please share the dates, locations, and other promotional information about your upcoming events to me and I will post them on our regional calendar.

Eastern 2 Regional Team Leaders: We are fortunate to have an inspirational and talented group of leaders who have stepped forward to represent each state and district in our region. If you have thoughts or ideas, or would like to become involved with the NCSM, please reach out to your state team leader. (or email me directly). A very special thanks to those listed below. Also, a very special thanks to the other leaders in each state that agreed to serve on a statewide leadership team.

  • Delaware: Crystal Lancour () and Jamilla Riser ()
  • Maryland: Ed Nolan () and Andrew Todd ()
  • New Jersey: Jill Perry () and Dianna Sopala ()
  • Washington DC: John Neral ()
  • West Virginia: If you are interested in representing WVA, please email Bill directly

Stay in Touch:

  • Please keep in mind that if you are planning for an upcoming state conference, let me know if you need an NCSM leader to come speak or if you would like NCSM information and handouts for your district. I look forward to learning of your great works in the coming school year.
  • Please send me dates and information related to events in our region. I am happy to promote these events on our regional calendar.
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