News from the Central 1 Region
Jason Gauthier, Central 1 Regional Director
Winter 2016/2017

Sitting through a snowstorm allows one time to think. I chose to reflect on my practice as a professional development provider and mathematics education leader. I often wonder how to manage the two forms of hunger I've experienced in my career: hunger for change and hunger to lead.

Hunger for change is that constant dissatisfaction with the status quo. That constant desire for your message to be heard, heeded, and held onto. Fostering change in classrooms is the reason I do what I do, but what happens when I do not see the changes taking hold? There comes frustration, and reflection, and . . . doubt. And so I question:

  • How do I do things differently?
  • How do I reach more teachers?
  • How do I change my message to make it more effective, convincing, or far-reaching?
  • How do I support those that do listen?

These questions are those that occupy my mind on a snow day like today. These are how I am grappling with the hunger for change.

Hunger to lead is that desire to work at a higher level, to hone one's skills to the finest edge. But I'm left to wonder today, is there an edge too fine? As leaders we want to live just beyond the zone of comfort of those we wish to lead. But can we get too far ahead? Is there a bleeding edge beyond which our message is no longer effective? I believe there is and staying on the nearer side of it is a challenge at times. Or at least staying on the nearer side of that edge when crafting and delivering my message is difficult. And so more questions come:

  • How do I distill what I've learned into a comprehensible message that remains true to itself?
  • How much change is too much to advocate for?
  • How do I provide a vision for what I've learned?

I'll continue to think on these and I invite you to do so as well. Please share your thoughts with me on the two kinds of hunger. How do you manage them?

Central 1 Updates


We continue to push for affiliates. The Affiliates Chair, Carol Matsumoto, and I have spoken to several promising groups and we continue to look for more. As you think about your role in NCSM, consider advocating for your professional organizations to join as affiliates.

NCSM Professional Learning

If there are any professional learning needs that you believe NCSM might be able to assist you with, please don't hesitate to contact me. Our organization is filled with exceptionally qualified people who are motivated to help in any way they can.

NCSM Fall Leadership Academy

I was unable to attend the Academy this year (sadly), but I'm told that it was a success, with high quality experiences with some of the great leaders in mathematics education currently. What were your experiences at the Fall Leadership Academy?

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