News from the Eastern 2 Region
Bill Barnes, Eastern 2 Regional Director
Winter 2016/2017

Reflections: Happy holidays to leaders in Eastern Region 2. This time of year typically brings additional challenges into our leadership lives. The winter brings with it interruptions into our daily routines. Some of you may already be experiencing weather-related interruptions. Other may find themselves with the increased personal responsibilities associated with hosting large holiday gatherings. All of these variables come together to create a mash up of anxieties that can drain your energy and spirit. So, how do you overcome the challenges associated with this busy time of year? I recommend that you take time each day this month to engage in a critical leadership responsibility….CELEBRATION! Take a few moments each day to write a card (yes, handwritten), send an email, place a phone call, or to use social media to celebrate the hard work and successes of those you lead. There are two immediate side effects of this December practice; 1) the celebrated staff find a welcomed pick-me-up when it is emotionally needed most, and 2) engaging in professional reflection, even in small bite-sized chunks, can help you take stock in the progress you have already made during this school year. Here is a December challenge…. see if you can get each of the people you lead to celebrate the works of two colleagues. (Pay it Forward!) Be sure to take some time to celebrate your own successes. During the best of times, mathematics education leadership is a roller coaster ride that features many peaks and valleys…and even some loop-d-loops. It seems that the best leaders often allocate most of their energy trying to correct those things that aren't working so well….but please remember that hundreds of things that you that are making a real difference. If no one else says it to you this month, "Thank you for what you do!" Have a great winter, stay warm, and lead the way!

Upcoming State Conferences, Meetings, and Events: Tis the season of state and regional mathematics conferences. Please share the dates, locations, and other promotional information about your upcoming events to me and I will post them on our regional calendar.

Stay in Touch:

  • Please keep in mind that if you are planning for an upcoming state conference, let me know if you need an NCSM leader to come speak or if you would like NCSM information and handouts for your district. I look forward to learning of your great works in the coming school year.
  • Please send me dates and information related to events in our region. I am happy to promote these events on our regional calendar.
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