News from the Southern 1 Region
Deborah A. Crocker, Southern 1 Regional Director
Spring 2017

Hello to all Southern 1 NCSM members and those interested in NCSM! Below you will find some news items:


Are you interested in getting more involved with NCSM? Now is your chance to volunteer for an NCSM Committee! If you are interested, sign up by filling out the volunteer form. We are always looking for new ways for members to get involved in the work of NCSM.

Thanks to the Southern 1 states I have visited this year

Thanks to all of you who worked with me as I attended meetings and conferences in South Carolina and Virginia this year. I was happy to meet all of you. I had a wonderful time and learned so much on my visits to the South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the South Carolina Leaders of Mathematics Education, and the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

New Affiliate from Southern 1

I want to congratulate and welcome a new NCSM affiliate from Southern 1. The South Carolina Leaders of Mathematics Education (SCLME) will be officially recognized at the NCSM Conference in San Antonio. Congratulations!

Good wishes for the rest of this school year

I hope the rest of the school year goes well for everyone. I hope to see you at the NCSM Annual Conference in San Antonio!

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