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Regional News - Canada
April 2016

The NCSM Canadian Regional Team Leaders had a conference call on March 19, 2016.  Here are some regional updates.

British Columbia:

  • All of K-12 curriculum has been undergoing a revision process over the past couple of years.  K-9 is set to be implemented in September 2016.  It’s been a very transparent process.  For math:
    • Ministry deadlines making things very challenging
    • Newest content piece is to integrate financial literacy
    • Developing Aboriginal content to include in the elaborations on the Learning Standards
    • Big Ideas are getting essential questions added
    • Curricular competencies now include “play” across K-12


  • I’m looking forward to coming to Manitoba on May 24 to join the Provincial Consultant Group.  As part of the day I’ll be overviewing the Digital Learning Initiative from NCSM.
  • The Provincial consultant group has now done their Learning Maps for Grades 1-8; K and 9 are being developed. The maps focus on:
    • What understanding is needed prior
    • And what understanding is expected upon exit
    • They are developed for consultants to support teachers – conversation starters

NCSM Conference in April (Oakland, CA)

  • We discussed some topics for the Canadian Caucus.  If you’re going to the conference, please come join us on Tuesday, April 12, 3:30-4:15.  The topics we suggested are:
    • Curricular reform
    • Provincial updates
    • French translations of NCSM materials (see below)
    • How to increase NCSM membership in Canada

French Translations

  • One of our goals this year was to start translating NCSM documents, such as position papers, into french.  
  • Peter Saarimaki from Ontario is collecting some feedback on which document to translate first.
  • Cheryl Cantin from Quebec will work on the translation once the document has been chosen.

That’s all for now.  If you have any other news updates, please share them in the comments.


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