Conferring with Young Mathematicians at Work: The Process of Teacher Change

2017 NCSM Annual Conference
February 2017

Spotlight Session date/time:  4/5/17 at 8:45

By Cathy Fosnot, CEO and President
Catherine Fosnot & Associates: New Perspectives

Many of you probably have heard that I retired from CCNY and as the Director of Math in the City. But you may not realize that I have definitely not stopped working! I have too much of a passion for math education for that to occur! I’ve been very busy writing new CFLM units on geometry and measurement and just released a new book Conferring with Young Mathematicians at Work, in September of 2016

I’ve also been busy with digital technologies: 1) developing a powerful app for new ways to do formative assessment using my landscapes; 2) building an online personalized professional support system to help teachers run vibrant math workshops; and 3) consulting with DreamBox, an adaptive learning engine for K-8.

At the annual NCSM meeting in San Antonio, I’ll be giving two sessions: 1) a session on conferring and questioning and the changes teachers go through as they learn to confer in powerful ways; and 2) sharing the work my colleagues and I have been doing in New York City using a blended learning approach to professional learning. I hope many of you will join me at my sessions to learn about this new work.

You can explore the new online platform here: It is already being used by many school districts and universities around the world. Coaches are running PLCs with it; university professors are teaching their courses with it; and districts are using it to provide teachers with on-demand personalized professional learning opportunities. Come to our session and learn about the impact it is having in a large urban network of schools.

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