Heartprint: Transforming the Way We Teach and Lead!

2017 NCSM Annual Conference
February 2017

Session Time/date: Monday 4/3/17  at 3:00 p.m.
By Dr. Tim Kanold

We each have a personal and professional story—our teaching life consists of a sequence of school years or seasons. These seasons stack up one upon the other, each with a unique path, year after year, eventually stringing together the real-life chapters of our professional career.

We have chosen the greatest profession of all. We have chosen to teach, lead and shape the next generation. How great is that? And yet, how daunting too. I decided it was time to write about how to face the daily grind of our work with the heart and the soul necessary to sustain a great career.

What inspired me to write HEART! Fully forming your professional life as a teacher and leader was my final moment at Stevenson HSD 125, in Lincolnshire, Illinois as I carried seven boxes to my truck in the parking lot. Those boxes represented my entire 35-year career as an educator – as a teacher and leader. I had pulled into or out of that parking lot more than 17,000 times over the years.

“Did I make a difference?” “Was my heart right for the work I did?” “Did all of my work, time, energy and effort even matter?” “Will anyone remember me a decade from now?” These were my thoughts that wrestled around in my head as I drove off the Stevenson campus for the last time. It was a quiet and emotional moment for me. Was my heartprint on others a good one or not?

I was going to miss that intimacy of my work life!

A decade after walking off that campus, I was finally able to write HEART! I discovered and uncovered the wisdom from more than 45 though leaders inside and outside the education profession. HEART! brings new ideas and thoughts that promise to inform our professional work in new and reflective ways!

I define your heartprint as the distinctive impression and marked impact your heart leaves on others —your students and your colleagues, as your career and your school seasons unfold.

Thus, in this Spotlight session you begin to discover your own teaching and leading story within the five parts of the book: Happiness, Engagement, Alliances, Risk and Thought. You are invited to reflect about your role in the profession, and to complete your story within the walls of the book- either alone or with colleagues – after the NCSM conference.

This session is about the very human nature of our work as educators. It is about feeling and seeing the genius in every child and every colleague you lead. And it is about making sure our limited time, energy, human resource and spirit we have available to give to our work, is focused on actions that really matter.

This session is also designed to help us overcome the low negative energy, stagnation, apathy, entropy, superficiality, disengagement, unbalanced life, and #iamwastingmytime feelings that can attack us and our colleagues throughout the school year!

In The Drum Major Instinct, Martin Luther King Jr. stated: Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve…You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. Come explore your heartprint and how to help others become fully formed professionals too!

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