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NCSM actively engages individuals, projects, foundations, and organizations to develop and deliver products, resources, and services to support its members and other mathematics educations leaders. If you are interested in working with NCSM, please contact us at .

AMTE, ASSM, NCTM Partnership

Following the release of the final draft of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics in early June 2010, a Joint Task Force of AMTE, ASSM, NCSM and NCTM was convened. The general charge to the Task Force was to:

  1. Generate recommendations for actions and resources that are needed to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS).
  2. Consider ways the four national organizations can collaborate in supporting various groups (teachers, teacher leaders and educators, school and district leaders, parents) in implementing the CCSS and advancing the vision of school mathematics held by the organizations.

See the reports and position papers below. The Task Force will vet and seek further funding to implement the recommended actions.

Currently the Task Force is seeking funding for a collaborative initiative: "Advancing the Vision of High Quality Mathematics Education: Supporting Implementation of the Common Core State Standards." The goal of this initiative is to work toward shared understandings of some critical messages in the CCSS and their implementation. The CCSS is more likely to positively affect mathematics education nationally if it has coherent, common, and faithful interpretation and implementation across various states and districts. The initiative will establish networks of leaders who can work together to respond to shared implementation issues and challenges. It has two primary foci:

  1. develop and disseminate a core set of resources (Toolkit) which consolidate and highlight key messages with regard to the CCSS for mathematics
  2. organize and host regional meetings of leadership teams to build capacity, review resources, and plan local strategies for utilizing the CCSS to elevate mathematics teaching and learning.

Funding is currently being sought.

Report of Priorities Identified and Actions Taken in Response to the Recommendations of the Task Force
The Common Core State Standards Joint Position Paper
Elementary Mathematics Specialists Joint Position Paper

Brookhill Foundation

Brookhill Foundation has provided support to the Joint Task Force Supporting Implementation of the CCSS, a collaboration of NCSM, NCTM, ASSM, and AMTE. The foundation's support has allowed the Joint Task Force to meet and generate a framework and timeline of action items the organizations can pursue, either individually or collaboratively, to help members and constituents interpret and implement the CCSS.

Brookhill Foundation has also supported our work with EMS&TL.

Elementary Mathematics Specialists & Teacher Leaders (EMS&TL) Project

Our partnership with Elementary Mathematics Specialists & Teacher Leaders (EMS&TL) Project is founded on our mutual interest in developing and supporting mathematics coaches/specialists. Our recent work has focused on interpreting and implementing the Common Core State Standards, understanding the role of specialist can have an impact on successful teacher support, student achievement and access, and full robust implementation of the CCSS. Our new partnership has yielded the following to date with more to come:

  • 2012 NCSM Annual Conference strand, "Mathematics Leaders Translate Vision to Practice: Developing and Supporting Coaches, Specialists, and Teacher Leaders"
  • 2011 NCSM Fall Leadership Seminar
  • 2011 NCSM Summer Leadership Academy
  • 2010 NCSM Fall Leadership Seminar

We will collaborate on Coaches Corner, an online resource and continue with a Coaches strand in our print publications

Mathematics Common Core Coalition (MC3)

NCSM, AMTE, ASSM, NCTM, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the National Governors Association (NGA), and the two CCSS assessment consortia, Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) have established a coalition whose mission is to "strive to ensure the successful communication, interpretation, implementation, and assessment of the Common Core State Standards." This Mathematics Common Core Coalition (MC3) will:

  1. Provide a means to review, research, nurture and communicate common messages throughout the implementation and assessment of the CCSS
  2. Include the expertise and advice of the mathematics education content and mathematics education assessment communities in the development and review of the items and instruments that are being developed by the two assessment consortia for the CCSS
  3. Collect information about the implementation and assessment processes of the CCSS that will inform future revisions of the CCSS.

NCSM Sponsors

Over the years, NCSM has sought partnership with companies and organizations that share our passion for mathematics, our understanding of the crucial role of leadership in mathematics education, and our commitment to supporting mathematic education leaders. NCSM sponsor partner financial, in-kind, and technical contributions enable NCSM to: network with other stakeholders; communicate research-informed knowledge, sustain improved student achievement, and motivate our commitment to equity.

Noyce Foundation Funding

NCSM has just been awarded funding from the Noyce Foundation to create and disseminate professional development sessions using Inside Mathematics resources to illustrate the Common Core State Standards Mathematical Practices and to develop a webpage for coaches and specialists featuring Inside Mathematics resources. The grant titled. "Using the Inside Mathematics Website to Support Math Education Leaders," will meet the following objectives:

  • Develop 10 additional professional development sessions on the Common Core State Standards Mathematical Practices using Inside Mathematics resources, resulting in a full suite of sessions for the three clusters of mathematical practices.
  • Pilot the professional development sessions at the NCSM Summer Leadership Academies and Fall Leadership Seminars.
  • Disseminate the professional development modules and materials at in-person professional development sessions as well as for free on the NCSM Website.
  • Develop an NCSM webpage with resources for mathematics coaches and specialists that prominently features Inside Mathematics resources.
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