Welcome to the NCSM Coaching Corner, the "go-to" destination for mathematics specialists, coaches, and leaders!

The purpose of the Coaching Corner is to support specialists, coaches, and leaders of coaching programs as they progress through the stages of leadership growth outlined in The PRIME Leadership Framework: Principles and Indicators for Mathematics Education Leaders and the new It's TIME: Themes and Imperatives in Mathematics Education.

Successful Coaching Equity Leadership Teacing and Learning Leadership Curriculum Leadership Assessment Leadership Resources for Leaders of Coaching Programs

The support found here takes the form of books, articles, tools, and resources aligned with the four PRIME Leadership Principles and a view of Successful Coaching (above). Each resource listed is accompanied by a 1- or 2-page description and recommendations for how the resource can be used to develop one or more of the three stages of leadership outlined in The PRIME Leadership Framework: Principles and Indicators for Mathematics Education Leaders.

NCSM understands that mathematics specialists and coaches at all grade levels need specialized resources unique to their needs. They need materials and tools that help them with their fundamental requirements for successful coaching as well as resources that support their work with teachers. Please explore the NCSM Coaching Corner by clicking on the Leadership Principle of your choice! We hope you find the recommendations illuminating and the resources useful.

"Coaches are catalysts for intelligent, informed experimentation. They encourage and delight in the evolution of skilled practice that allows for individual creative expression, and a persistent quest to improve student achievement."

- Coaching for Leadership: Lucy West

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