Monday Sessions: April 11, 2016

Session 1019
Game-Based Learning: The Hype Is Starting to Give Way to Some Surprising Substance by Keith Devlin

Session 1101
Who Are You and What Do You Want To Create? by Lucy West

Session 1103
What Has Culture Got to Do with the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP)? by Pamela Seda

Session 1104
Adapting Curriculum Materials: Engaging in a Collaborative Process by Ellen Whitesides

Session 1112
Strategies for Encouraging Student Persistence on Cognitively Demanding Tasks: Research Insights from Australia by Doug Clarke

Session 1117
Using Free Apps to Encourage, Develop, and Support Young Teachers' Use of Classroom Level Assessment by Allan Bellman

Session 1202
Moving to Action: Fostering Effective Teaching Practices in the Middle Grades with Principles to Actions by Michael Steele

Session 1213
D3: Diving Deeper Into Decimals by Randi Blue

Session 1215
Making It Work! Aligning Mathematical IEP Goals with the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) by Joyce Agness

Session 1216
Bridging Coaching Conversations to Classroom Practice: Maximizing Your Coaching Impact by Joanie Funderburk

Session 1402
Coaching for Success: Get Ready (Learning Targets), Get Set (Intentional Listening), Go! (Feedback) by Jeane Joyner

Session 1405
Teaching for Social Justice in Mathematics by Linda Fulmore

Session 1406
Changing Mathematical Mindset of Students, Teachers, Families, and the Community by Samantha Wuttig

Session 1503
What Every Mathematics Leader Needs to Know About Cultivating Numerical Fluency by Patsy Kanter

Session 1506
Open Educational Resources (OER): Designing Teacher Professional Learning Around High-Quality Curricular Materials by Kate Nowak

Session 1508
Bridging Mathematics Specialist Research and Practice by Nicole Rigelman

Session 1512
Raise the Demand; Deepen the Learning by Kit Norris

Session 1517
Slow Mathematics: Looking for Meaning Before the Procedure by Jennifer Wilson

Session 1602
Coaching for Cognitive Dissonance: Using Classroom Video as a Catalyst for Change by Juli Dixon

Session 1603
PLC Roundtable: Implementing Principles to Actions in Your PLC by Beth Kobett

Session 1605
Using Mathematics Education Research to Develop Fraction Concepts: Integrating Learning Progressions and Formative Assessment by Marjorie Petit

Session 1607
Leading Change: Professional Development (PD) Moves That Promote New Ways of Thinking, Learning, and Teaching by Kimberly Rimbey

Session 1609
Cultivating Teacher-Leaders by Helping Them Serve Students with Disabilities by Debbie Gochenaur

Session 1613
How Do We Help Underrepresented Minority Students Reach Their Potential in Mathematics? by Lisa Miller

Session 1616
A Framework for Building Procedural Fluency on a Foundation of Conceptual Understanding by Scott Hendrickson

Session 1617
Leading Change with a Growth Mindset by Emily Diehl

Session 1703
Distance Learning for Teachers: Adventuring into Online Mathematics Professional Development (PD) by Catherine Carroll

Session 1704
Fraction Number Talks: Moving Beyond Telling by Sherry Parrish

Session 1706
A Picture + Technology = Understanding x 10 by Cassandra Turner

Session 1712
Techniques That Support Struggling and Novice Teachers by Richard Parr

Session 1714
Coaching High School Number Talks: Moving Beyond Experimentation to a More Targeted, Strategic, and Purposeful Approach by Crystal Lancour

Session 1715
How Coaches and Principals Work Together to Create Opportunities to Talk About Teaching and Learning by Melinda Knapp

Session 1716
Improving Assessment Literacy for Students, Parents, Educators, and Policymakers with Five Essential Understandings by Angela Broaddus

Session 1717
Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching: Leading with Content by Thomasenia Adams

Tuesday Sessions: April 12, 2016

Session 2103
Flipped Professional Development: Sustaining and Supporting Mathematics Specialists/Instructional Leaders by Francis (Skip) Fennell

Session 2105
Lessons Learned Developing Coaching Strategies for Task Rigor, Relevance, and Richness by Norma Gordon

Session 2106
Leading a Learning Lab: A Visit is Worth a Thousand Words by Leandra Cleveland

Session 2107
Rethinking Ratios and Proportional Relationships: Implications for Teacher Leaders by Michelle Rinehart

Session 2110
Number Talks: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages by Sherry Parrish

Session 2116
Practicing the Five Practices: Coaching Teachers to Use Student Work in Planning by Max Ray-Riek

Session 2201
Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture: Visibly and Invisibly Helping Every Teacher Help Every Student Achieve by Cathy Seeley

Session 2203
A Tool for Selecting and Implementing a 3-Act Mathematical Modeling Task by Linda Griffith

Session 2204
Smarter Balanced - Making Connections: Eliciting to Acting on Evidence by Judy Hickman

Session 2205
Strategies to Support the Standards for Mathematical Practice Through Mathematical Discourse by Lynn Columba

Session 2206
Ready for an Upgrade? Using Blended Learning to Enhance Professional Development and Student Learning by Jennifer Trievel

Session 2211
From Standards to Practice: Leading Teachers to Improve Student Understanding Through Formative Assessment

Session 2213
The Whole Problem-Solving Process: Traversing the Chasms Between Thinking, Talking, Writing, and Typing Mathematics by Annie Fetter

Session 2216
Coaching: Maximizing the Learning of Mathematics in the Early Years by Alison Paskal

Session 2303
Building a Bridge Between Coaching Skills and Teaching ELLs by Maggie McGatha

Session 2304
Achieving Mathematical Fact Fluency! Every Administrator's Responsibility! by Kim Sutton

Session 2306
The Evolution of Online Learning from a Teacher's and Student's Perspective by Jane Tanner

Session 2308
Merging the CCSSM with 21st Century STEM: Effective Integration and Cross-Curricular Alignment by Peg Hartwig

Session 2312
Ross Taylor Past Presidents Session: Speed Chats Exploring Critical Leadership Issues and Solutions by Suzanne Mitchell

Session 2317
Coaching for Rigor: Essential Elements by Mardi Gale

Session 2418
Leading Teachers to Impact Student Learning by Michelle Rinehart

Session 2505
Building Bridges Between Mathematical Tasks and Digital Resources by Paul Gray

Session 2506
Guided Planning: Forming a Keystone Habit by Cristina Charney

Session 2509
Assessment Literacy-What Leaders Really Need to Know by Denise Brady

Session 2512
Equity and Excellence: Understanding Ratios and Proportional Reasoning by Susie Hakansson

Session 2517
Great Tasks: The Pleasure and Luxury of Being Wrong in Mathematics! by Richard Seitz

Wednesday Sessions: April 13, 2016

Session 3103
Demonstrating Understanding of Algebraic Concepts by Robyn Silbey

Session 3105
Fraction Division Using Hands-On Measurement Models by Nicholas Gilbertson

Session 3106
Who Coaches the Coach? Supporting Coaches in Developing Teachers' Ambitious Mathematics Teaching Practices by Marta Kobiela

Session 3112
Challenges in Mathematics Education: A Call to Action by Eric Milou

Session 3114
Building a Social Justice Mathematics Educator Community of Practice by Celine Liu

Session 3117
Gone Are the Days of "Who Wants to Share?" Coaching Teachers to Select and Sequence Student Work by Beth Hulbert

Session 3205
Trilingual: Supporting Teachers Whose Students Are Learning Through Three Languages by Molly Farrell

Session 3208
Growing Mathematics Leaders: Building Capacity in a Time of Change by Jenny Novak

Session 3211
Coaching Through PLCs: Focusing on Teacher Talk About Data to Strengthen Discussions and Design Targeted Interventions by Crystal Lancour

Session 3215
What Do Student Say About Equity in the Mathematics Classroom? by Bill Barnes

Session 3304
Early Mathematics Intervention: Catching Up Sooner Is Better by David Dockterman

Session 3305
What Do They Need? Supporting Middle School Teachers' Professional Development (PD) Needs for Implementing the Common Core by Cynthia Carson

Session 3311
Designing High-Quality Professional Learning on Fractions: Rethinking the Meaning of the Numerator and Denominator by Debi DePaul

Session 3312
Leadership to Bridge Learning for SPED, ELL, and All Students Who May Struggle with the CCSSM by Dianne DeMille

Session 3316
Using NCSM's Great Tasks in the Digital Age by Connie Schrock

Session 3501
Helping Develop Leaders Through Sharing Lessons I've Learned from Classroom Teaching by Marilyn Burns

Session 3502
Noticing Structure, Attending to Precision: Grades 2-5 Students Articulate Generalizations About the Operations by Deborah Schifter

Session 3507
From the Classroom to Assessment and Back Again by Ryota Matsuura

Session 3508
Three Keys to Choosing and Using Instructional Materials to Improve Students' Success by Jackie Lain

Session 3510
Resources That Support Successful Coaching by Sharon Rak

Session 3512
Ours IS the Reason Why! STOP Invert and Multiply! by Jason Gauthier

Session 3610
A Blueprint to Build a Solid Foundation by Debbie Thompson

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