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Technology Showcase -- Monday, Monday, April 11
1111  9:30 AM to
10:30 AM
OCC 207Elementary
(K - 5)
Technology ShowcaseEnhancing Mathematics Education in the Digital Age

Scout - Using Technology for Observational Assessments
In Investigations in Number, Data, and Space teacher observations are an important part of ongoing assessment. Learn how technology is being used to help teachers capture, organize, and find student work as a part of ongoing formative assessment in Investigations 3.


Lead Speaker: Kurt Whited

1211  10:45 AM to
11:45 AM
OCC 207Elementary
(K - 5)
Technology ShowcaseEnhancing Mathematics Education in the Digital Age

Leveraging the Power of Technology in Inquiry Based Learning
Technology and inquiry based learning are not mutually exclusive! Students come to school with mathematical ideas about numbers, shapes, measurements, patterns, and data. Learn how technologies in Investigations 3 and the Pearson System of Courses can be applied to support students as they build on those ideas.


Lead Speaker: Kurt Whited

1511  1:30 PM to
2:30 PM
OCC 207Elementary
(K - 5)
Technology ShowcaseEnhancing Mathematics Education in the Digital Age

The Power of Open Curriculum: Get Hands On with LearnZillion
One million teachers use LearnZillion’s K-8 math curriculum. This task-based, digital curriculum helps teachers facilitate mathematics talk, productive struggle, and conceptual understanding. In this session, you will learn how LearnZillion’s curriculum, assessment, and professional development solution goes further than a textbook ever could.


Lead Speaker: Meghan Hearn
Co-Presenter: Colette Chambers

1611  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM
OCC 207GeneralTechnology ShowcaseEnhancing Mathematics Education in the Digital Age

Defining a Model Mathematics Classroom in Physical and Virtual Schools
Best instructional practice for teaching and learning has focused on teacher and student behaviors observable in classrooms. Math Solutions has worked to define the model mathematics classroom, capturing these behaviors in our Instructional Practices Inventory. This session will explore the model virtual classroom based on what we know about face-to-face teaching and learning. First 20 participants will receive Faster Isn’t Smarter, Messages about Math, Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century, 2nd Edition, by Cathy L. Seeley.


Lead Speaker: Patricia Clark
Co-Presenter: Marji Freeman

1711  4:00 PM to
5:00 PM
OCC 207GeneralTechnology ShowcaseCoaching That Matters

Finally! A Coaching Framework That's Actually About the Mathematics
Looking to improve feedback for mathematics teachers? Experience the power of the Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) instrument in focusing discussions of mathematics instruction and guiding teachers’ growth. The MQI is a CCSSM-aligned, mathematics-specific rubric from Harvard University. Learn how our MQI video-based, virtual coaching helps teachers improve.


Lead Speaker: Samantha R. Booth
Co-Presenter: Claire Gogolen
Co-Presenter: Kirk Walters

Technology Showcase -- Tuesday, Tuesday, April 12
2111  8:15 AM to
9:15 AM
OCC 207Middle
(6 - 8)
Technology ShowcaseEnhancing Mathematics Education in the Digital Age

Connecting Concepts in Grades 6–8
New standards require us to think differently about how we teach mathematics. In this session, we will explore interactive lessons and instructional strategies that help students connect their thinking across grade levels to build a deeper understanding of mathematics.


Lead Speaker: Jennifer Wilson
Co-Presenter: Jill Gough

2211  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
OCC 207GeneralTechnology ShowcaseCoaching That Matters

From Standards to Practice: Leading Teachers to Improve Student Understanding Through Formative Assessment
How do you lead teachers to think beyond today’s lesson plan and connect to the learning goals for their students? We’ll discuss how to monitor and respond to student feedback in order to move toward those goals. Learn valuable tips for integrating teaching practices, questioning strategies and technology into your own training with teachers.


Lead Speaker: Jill Gough
Co-Presenter: Jennifer Wilson

2311  11:15 AM to
12:15 PM
OCC 207Elementary
(K - 5)
Technology ShowcaseEnhancing Mathematics Education in the Digital Age

Online Personalized Learning: Understand, Apply, and Create with Redbird Mathematics
Experience the CCSSM native mathematics learning environment that personalizes on a key-stroke by key-stroke basis for your students. See how STEM themes and projects inspire students to synthesize the mathematics they understand as they create solutions to STEM problems.


Lead Speaker: Janet Pittock

2511  2:15 PM to
3:15 PM
OCC 207Intermediate
(3 - 5)
Technology ShowcaseEnhancing Mathematics Education in the Digital Age

Using Adaptivity to Personalize Homework in Grades 3-5
Personalized. Differentiated. Adaptive. These are just some of the words used to describe many of the different tools and approaches in education. Learn how enVisionmath2.0 is using adaptivity to save teachers time while making homework and practice more meaningful for students.


Lead Speaker: Heidi Bruhn

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