2013 NCSM Annual Conference

Conference Highlights

Spotlight on the Common Core

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics provide opportunities and challenges for our work as mathematics leaders. There are many sessions throughout the conference addressing issues related to implementation, assessment, and more. To name just a few:

  • Assessing the Common Core Using Learning Trajectories to Inform Instructional Decision-Making
  • Model with Mathematics: What It Looks Like in an Elementary Classroom and The Actions Teachers Need to Promote Perseverance
  • Using the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics With Gifted and Advanced Learners

Of Special Interest to Emerging Leaders

Are you new in your role as a leader? Are you interested in becoming a mathematics leader? If you answered yes to either of these questions, NCSM is the organization for you, and the 45th NCSM Annual Conference is the place to be to support your professional growth and leadership development. The program includes a number of sessions of particular interest to emerging mathematics leaders, including.

  • Focused Time on Leader Practices That Support Mathematics Achievement for ALL
  • Driving for Equity in Common Core Implementation: What Can We Borrow from Schools and Districts on the Performance Frontier?
  • Mathematics Professional Development by Teacher Leaders: A Colorado School District's Experiences Using the Problem-Solving Cycle

Developing and Supporting Coaches, Specialists, and Teacher Leaders

If you are one of the many NCSM members working directly with teachers inside or outside the classroom, these sessions are for you. Throughout the conference, you will find sessions designed to support your work with teachers to enhance the mathematics experiences of all our students. Sessions include:

  • Supporting Mathematics Leaders to Use Equitable Practices
  • The Role of Academic Language in Providing Access to Mathematical Knowledge
  • Coaching: A Practice That Can Transform Education

Networking and Round Table Discussions

We now offer a new opportunity for casual conversations about issues of importance to mathematics leaders. These round table discussions will take place on Monday and Tuesday in the sponsor display area.

Topics include:

  • The Role of Mathematics Teaching and Learning in New Teacher Evaluation Systems
  • Promoting Equity Through Teaching For A Growth Mindset
  • What are the Implications of the Common Core State Standards Transformation-Based Geometry focus? How do We Support Teacher and Student Learning?

First-Timer's Session

This session gives an orientation for New Participants to the NCSM Annual Conference. This session will support your plans to experience the highest PEAK's of mathematics leadership.

Hot Topic: Conversation Cafés

These were indeed "hot topics" when first introduced last year. Participants will have an opportunity for casual conversation about issues of importance for mathematics leaders. These discussions will take place on Monday and Tuesday in the Sponsor Display area at the Hyatt Regency. Major Speakers will informally share with a small group about their topics, provide insights, and answer questions of all attending.

From the Council

NCSM continues to develop and refine engaging activities such as Great Tasks, Coaching Corner, and Illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practices. Many sessions during the conference will highlight these activities developed by the Council. In addition, the companion document to the PRIME Framework: Principles and Indicators for Mathematics Educators will be discussed and used in some sessions and presentations to encourage mathematics leaders to lead using the principles of PRIME leadership: Equity, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, and Assessing.

Special Interest Group Discussions

Are you new in your role as a leader? Are you interested in the learning needs of special student populations? Are you hoping to network with other mathematics leaders with similar interests? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to set aside time for the Special Interest Group (SIG) discussions included in Wednesday's program. The SIG sessions are especially designed for educators with common interests to share information, network, and discuss current issues in a setting facilitated by a subject area expert.

This year's SIG groups include:

  • Reaching Out with Culture and Mathematics: Leading Teachers to Infuse Global Issues in All Mathematics Classrooms
  • Emerging Leaders: Focus Question/Answer Time on Leader Practices that Support Mathematics Achievement for ALL
  • Supporting Mathematics Leaders to Use Equitable Practices: Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
  • Using the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics With Gifted and Advanced Learners