2013 NCSM Annual Conference

Strand Descriptions


The theme of the 2013 NCSM Annual Conference is:

"Reaching the PEAK of Mathematics Leadership:
Guiding Teaching to Support Student Learning "

Conference Program Strand Descriptions

The four strands to be featured at this exciting and educational NCSM Annual Conference are:

  1. Practices that Support Coaches: The focus is on theoretically-informed and research-based practices that support mathematics coaches of content and pedagogy. Consider what practices teacher leaders and support coaches can use to reach the depths of knowledge for every student through the Common Core Standards and Practices.
  2. Equity for Each Learner: The focus is on equitable practices that will support administrators, coaches, teachers, and parents to engage and build student mathematical knowledge. Consider how leaders will support teachers to provide each student with relevant and meaningful mathematics experiences and in what ways they can facilitate erasing inequities in student learning.
  3. Assessing what Counts: The focus is on assessment practices that do more than measure a person's achievement and then assign new and different pathways to understanding at deeper levels. Consider how mathematics leaders can facilitate every teacher to use student assessments to inform teacher practice and student learning.
  4. Knowledge for Leaders to Support a Strategic Infrastructure for Student Learning: The focus is on each administrator and mathematics teacher leader (coach) to have full knowledge of how to create an infrastructure that supports high achievement of mathematics learning for all students. Consider steps that administrators and teacher mathematics teacher leaders can take to ensure high quality mathematics instruction and how they will develop their Standards for Mathematical Practice as described in the Common Core Standards.