2009 NCSM Annual Conference

Sponsor Showcase Sessions

Sponsor Showcase -- Monday, April 20, 2009
14  09:30 AM147AIntermediate (3 - 5)Regular (60 min)Teaching and Learning Leadership

ETA Cuisenaire Sponsor Showcase: Paths to Problem Solving
Look at a new problem solving program that supports the teacher's role of helping students to develop and use multiple strategies. Find out about ways to support teachers as solving rich problems becomes a critical part of their mathematics curriculum.


Linda Gojak, John Carroll University; NCSM Past President, University Heights, OH

32  10:45 AM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Leading with Professional Learning

CASIO Sponsor Showcase: Theory to Practice - A Supervisor's Mathematical Dream Come True
Assistant Principals for Instruction/Supervision, who also teach one class of mathematics, present strategies from theory to practice highlighting New York City Schools and their technology integration for high school mathematics (perspectives include pedagogy, effectiveness, technology transition, performance, usability, integration, and budgetary constraints). Door prizes will be given.


Mitch Mitchell, CASIO America, Dover, NJ

51  12:15 PM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Teaching and Learning Leadership

CORD Communications Sponsor Showcase: Mathematics in Context - Pedagogy and Materials for Greater Secondary-Level Mathematics Success
Contextual-based teaching is a proven method for enabling a majority of students, the concrete learners, to be successful in high school mathematics. A leading mathematics educator will share with participants the materials and methods used to enable teachers to be better contextual teachers and how it benefits learners of all styles.


Claudia Maness, CORD Communications, Texarkana, AR

63  01:30 PM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Texas Instruments Sponsor Showcase: Use the TI-Nspire to Engage Students and Explore Multiple Representations of Algebraic and Geometric Concepts
Using the linked multiple representations (graphs, geometric constructions, and spreadsheets) of the TI-Nspire, students can explore rich application problems that connect algebra and geometry. Participants will construct TI-Nspire documents based on ancient optimization problems that will help students develop algebraic and geometric concepts. This session is appropriate for new users.


Betty Gasque, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

81  02:45 PM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Assessment Leadership

Pearson Sponsor Showcase: Power Up with Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley enVisionMATH
Students live in a world of iPods, instant messages, videos, and computer games. This workshop will demonstrate how the power of technology can provide greater access to mathematics content for more students, while making monitoring of student progress easier for teachers.


Tim Rogers, Pearson, Glenview, IL

93  04:00 PM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Teaching and Learning Leadership

Key Curriculum Press Sponsor Showcase: Beautiful Math - How Successful School Approaches Change Students' Lives.
In this presentation we will watch students engage in problem solving and consider the ways that students' lives are changed when they are introduced to the beauty and diversity of mathematics.


Jo Boaler, University of Sussex, Brighton, England

Sponsor Showcase -- Tuesday, April 21, 2009
108  08:45 AM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Teaching and Learning Leadership

CTB/McGraw-Hill Sponsor Showcase: Transforming Algebra Instruction and Achievement via an Online Formative Assessment Solution
Acuity Algebra provides a comprehensive standard-based online or paper-and-pencil solution to assess student readiness, benchmark understanding of algebraic concepts and gauge student proficiency. This session will detail best practices in a district's implementation of Acuity Algebra and show how resulting data identifies strengths and weaknesses in comprehension and helps modify instruction.


Tom Moellering, CTB/McGraw-Hill, Monterey, CA

129  10:15 AM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Teaching and Learning Leadership

Holt Mc Dougal Sponsor Showcase: Intervention Tools to put Struggling Students Back on Track
Struggling students often need more time for intervention with prerequisite skills as well as on-level topics. Holt McDougal offers a variety of resources to help students get back on track. Our intervention systems provide complete support for teachers. Attendees will receive a CD-ROM or workbook. Supplies are limited.


Heather Trotter, Holt Mc Dougal, Austin, TX
Sherry Bailey, Holt McDougal, Austin, TX

151  02:30 PM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Teaching and Learning Leadership

America's Choice Sponsor Showcase: Language, Culture, and Motivation in the Mathematics Classroom Leading Up to Algebra. What To Do When Students Aren't Ready for Algebra.
Join a lively, informed discussion about the mathematics, pedagogy, and student motivators that effective readiness courses need to succeed. Learn how targeted support, including interventions that repair engrained misconceptions about math concepts, can help striving students succeed once they enroll in algebra.


Philip Daro, America's Choice, San Francisco, CA