Strand 5 Sessions -- Monday, April 20, 2009
Strand 5: Technology Leadership

13  09:30 AM150BCollegeRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Inspiring Technology Integration: The Case of TI Nspire
The Integrated Technology Adoption and Diffusion Model by Sherry and colleagues describes a learning and adoption model for technology integration. During this session problems and examples using the TI Nspire will outline the process where teachers move from learners to leaders.


Joanne Caniglia, Kent State University, Kent, OH

15  09:30 AM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Agile Mind Technology Showcase: Using Technology for Student Success in 6-12 Mathematics
The Dana Center and Agile Mind have partnered to develop an online teaching tool that allows teachers to guide students through interactive experiences in mathematics while delivering rigorous course content and addressing issues of student motivation and engagement. Participants will experience the tool through hands-on activities.


Kathi Cook, University of Texas Dana Center, Austin, TX
Susan Hudson Hull, University of Texas Dana Center, Austin, TX

52  12:15 PMGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Carnegie Learning Technology Showcase: Carnegie Learning Adaptive Math Solutions - Flexible, Research-Based Mathematics Solutions for All Middle and High School Students
In this hands-on session, participants will experience mathematics instruction that meets individual student needs. Whether you are searching for a core program or a supplemental solution, Cognitive Tutor© Software offers rich problem solving activities, dynamic formative assessment, and detailed student reports. By Learning by Doing™, students become engaged in the mathematics.


Sandy Bartle, Carnegie Learning, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
Amy Lewis, Carnegie Learning, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

63  01:30 PM147AGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Texas Instruments Sponsor Showcase: Use the TI-Nspire to Engage Students and Explore Multiple Representations of Algebraic and Geometric Concepts
Using the linked multiple representations (graphs, geometric constructions, and spreadsheets) of the TI-Nspire, students can explore rich application problems that connect algebra and geometry. Participants will construct TI-Nspire documents based on ancient optimization problems that will help students develop algebraic and geometric concepts. This session is appropriate for new users.


Betty Gasque, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

64  01:30 PM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Key Curriculum Press Technology Showcase: A Sneak-Preview of Sketchpad Version 5
Try the latest version of this award-winning software, used across grade levels and around the world, to help students develop powerful mathematical understanding through dynamic, interactive visualization. This version integrates with your digital classroom, adding power and convenience, extending applications across curriculum topics. Learn what's new from Sketchpad's designer and developer.


Nicholas Jackiw, Key Curriculum Press Technologies, Emeryville, CA

70  02:30 PM154ABSecondary (9 - 12)Double (120 min)Technology Leadership

Six of the Best: Favorite Technology Skills that Teachers Love Learning About
Training teachers to enjoy their teaching more by using technology is immensely satisfying. This session will describe the "Technology for Secondary Math" workshops (United Kingdom) which offer six favorite strands: Word for Math, the Web for Math, Excel for Math, Dynamic Coordinate Geometry, Dynamic Statistics, and Dynamic Geometry.


Douglas Butler, iCT Training Centre (Oundle, UK), Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

80  02:45 PM150ASecondary (9 - 12)Regular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Using a Computer Algebra System to Provide Equal Access to Algebra for All Students
Faced with a school district mandate to have all high school students complete an algebra curriculum, a group of high school teachers decided to have their under-performing students use a Computer Algebra System in their pre-algebra and algebra classes. Hear about their journey and the dramatic impact on student attitude.


Larry Osthus, Independent Mathematics Consultant, Des Moines, IA

83  04:00 PM146ABCGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Educational Gaming - A Trend Line to the Future
Nt Etuk, Co-Founder and CEO of Tabula Digita, creator of the award winning DimensionM math series, will offer examples of the latest educational games his company has in development. He will offer research results and video footage to demonstrate the remarkable effects of using educational games in learning. Game on!


Ntiedo Etuk, Co-Founder and CEO, Tabula Digita, Inc., New York, NY

92  04:00 PM152ASecondary (9 - 12)Regular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Leading the Way in Implementing Technology in Mathematics Education: Introduction to Teaching with the TI-Nspire Handhelds
Participants will experience different teaching activities that will incorporate the capabilities of the new TI-Nspire handhelds. Participants will get hands-on experiences that will demonstrate the power and creativity that can be evidenced through the implementation of these new handheld computers in teaching high school mathematics.


Jim Austin, Bullitt County Public Schools, Shepherdsville, KY

94  04:00 PM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

CASIO Technology Showcase: Experience the NEW Functions and Interface of CASIO's fx-ES Plus Scientific Calculators.
Experience the newest innovations in calculators from CASIO. Learn about classroom tools and strategies that create an easier, more complete teaching and learning experience. Plus, get a glimpse of our newest online training, customized professional development programs, and the FX9860G Slim graphing calculator, designed to make mathematics easy and affordable!


Nevels Nevels, Saint Louis Public Schools, Saint Louis, MO

95  05:15 PM151B(by invitation only)Extended (90 min)

NCSM Regional Leadership Team Meeting
This meeting of the NCSM Regional Leadership Teams and NCSM Regional Directors will focus on the critical work of NCSM for 2009–2010. This meeting is for all those invited to serve on the Regional Teams.


Timothy Kanold, , ,
Diane Briars, , ,

Strand 5 Sessions -- Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Strand 5: Technology Leadership

96  07:00 AMHall BGeneral, (ticket required)Special (45 min)

Tuesday Breakfast, Sponsored by Tom Snyder Productions/Scholastic, Inc.
Scholastic, the global children's publishing, education, and media company, has created products and services that educate, entertain, and motivate children to help enlarge their understanding of the world around them. Tom Snyder Productions, a Scholastic company, creates innovative software products and professional development services to inspire great teaching and improve student learning.

97  07:45 AMHall BSpecial (45 min)

NCSM Business Meeting and Sponsor Recognition

109  08:45 AM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Pearson Technology Showcase: The Power of Student Gaming - Pearson Elementary and Middle School Math Programs
The world is changing and so are your students! Pearson is proud to reach today's digital natives with an exclusive partnership with Tabula Digita! Connect to today's learners through DimensionM™'s Single and Multiplayer immersive educational gaming, tied directly to enVision Math and Prentice Hall Middle[EL] School Mathematics. Explore new gaming methods to engage, motivate, and inspire your students while offering additional mathematics practice.


Kristin White, Pearson, Glenview, IL

116  08:45 AM149ABMiddle (6 - 8)Extended (90 min)Technology Leadership

Developing Leadership in Technology Integration: An Effective Online Teacher Workshop Model
Examine a model of professional development from the Math Forum @ Drexel that provides opportunities for teachers to build their understanding of mathematical concepts, explore ways that they can create similar experiences for students, and learn more about resources and support which will enable them to become leaders in this community.


Suzanne Alejandre, The Math Forum at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Marie Hogan, Traweek Middle School, West Covina, CA
Glenys Martin, W. P. Sandin Composite High School, Shellbrook, SK
Ashley Miller, China Grove Middle School, China Grove, NC

130  10:15 AM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Texas Instrument Technology Showcase: What's New At Texas Instruments Now?
Updates on the latest Texas Instruments products and free resources: thousands of free calculator lesson plans, SAT and ACT practice tests from the Princeton Review, funding resources, and more.


Robb Wilson, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

138  10:30 AM149ABSecondary (9 - 12)Extended (90 min)Technology Leadership

Developing Algebraic Thinking with Technology
Successfully developing high achievement in algebra for all learners requires systemic vision, incorporating research-based instructional strategies, appropriate use of technology, and curriculum that empower conceptual learning. This session will present examples of how curriculum with embedded technology can be used to enable teachers to increase student capacity for algebraic thinking.


Steve Rasmussen, Key Curriculum Press, Emeryville, CA
Timothy Pope, Key Curriculum Press, Emeryville, CA

152  02:30 PM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Explore Learning Technology Showcase: Using Online Simulations from ExploreLearning (Gizmos) to Improve Student Achievement in Mathematics
Learn how to use online simulations to put research about effective instructional strategies into practice in classrooms. We will summarize Marzano's research showing that computer-based simulations are powerful instructional aids. We will also demonstrate our online simulations, ExploreLearning Gizmos, which promote inquiry and understanding for students in grades 3-12.


David Shuster, ExploreLearning, Charlottesville, VA

160  02:30 PM154AMiddle (6 - 8)Extended (90 min)Technology Leadership

Developing Teacher Leaders with Online Resources
Illuminations develops leaders by allowing enthusiastic teachers to share their ideas with others and by providing standards-based resources for all teachers to access online. This session will investigate resources created by participants in the 2008 Illuminations Summer Institute and will highlight the Illuminations Game Room, our newest initiative.


Patrick Vennebush, NCTM, Reston, VA

Strand 5 Sessions -- Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Strand 5: Technology Leadership

175  08:00 AM146ABGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Two Brains (Human Plus Computer) Are Better Than One
This presentation explores the computer-related mathematics education challenges. It covers a number of ideas of things we can (and probably should) be doing now throughout our mathematics education system. The emphasis is on students learning to work effectively in a "two types of brain" environment.


David Moursund, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

204  09:15 AM143ABMiddle (6 - 8)Regular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Mixing Mathematics, Movies, and Moodle: Online Professional Development Courses Combining Technology Training, Open-Source Software, Pedagogical Discussions, and Mathematical Growth
This panel of online course developers, moderators, and participants will discuss experiences with innovative professional development courses that use Moodle, an open-source learning management system. In addition to training elementary, middle, and high school teachers in the use of dynamic mathematics software, these courses promote content knowledge and pedagogical discussion.


Andres Marti, Key Curriculum Press, Emeryville, CA
Geri Anderson-Nielsen, Consultant, Washington, DC
Daniel Scher, Key Curriculum Press, Emeryville, CA
Andrea Austin, Luther Jackson Middle School, Fairfax County Publi, Falls Church, VA

213  10:00 AM154AIntermediate (3 - 5)Extended (90 min)Technology Leadership

Develop Mathematical Understandings Using Visualization and the New Interactive Cabri Elementary Environment
Through direct manipulation, engage students (K-8) in building number sense, algebraic and geometric thinking. Within an integrated 2D/3D environment and using the new Cabri, developed especially for elementary school mathematics, teacher leaders will experience activities with "electronic manipulative" (pattern blocks, tangrams, nets, counting, and operations) with real-time visual feedback.


Colette Laborde, University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France
Barbara Pence, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
Jean-Marie Laborde, University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France

239  02:30 PM150BExtended (90 min)Technology Leadership

Technology and Mathematidcs Integration 2.0: A Tipping Point Toward More Significant Mathematics Achievement?
The Internet and Web 2.0 are changing the way we communicate, collaborate, and learn mathematics. This session will be an opportunity to learn more about Web 2.0 and discuss how it could potentially be a tipping point towards more genuine mathematics learning and teaching. For more information visit


Ihor Charischak, CLIME - Council for Technology in Mathematics Education, White Plains, NY

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