Strand Descriptions

The theme of the 2009 NCSM Annual Conference is: It's Prime Time-Learning and Leading Together.

The 2009 program features 7 topic strands:

Strand 1. Equity Leadership
Addresses issues and solutions regarding equity, opportunity and access to a relevant and meaningful learning experience for every child.
Strand 2. Teaching and Learning Leadership
Addresses teaching practices and instructional strategies that are consistent with research on student learning.
Strand 3. Curriculum Leadership
Focuses on meaningful and important mathematics in every lesson.
Strand 4. Assessment Leadership
Monitors student learning and adjusts teacher instruction for improved achievement for all students.
Strand 5. Technology Leadership
Familiarizes leaders with the latest state-of-the-art technology and models that hold promise to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.
Strand 6. Leadership Connecting Research & Practice
Translates research into practice and generates practice-based issues and questions to inform research.
Strand 7. Leading with Professional Learning
Models professional learning and coaching communities that support high-quality development, teacher capacity, and craft knowledge.
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