Technology Showcase -- Monday, April 20, 2009
15  09:30 AM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Agile Mind Technology Showcase: Using Technology for Student Success in 6-12 Mathematics
The Dana Center and Agile Mind have partnered to develop an online teaching tool that allows teachers to guide students through interactive experiences in mathematics while delivering rigorous course content and addressing issues of student motivation and engagement. Participants will experience the tool through hands-on activities.


Kathi Cook, University of Texas Dana Center, Austin, TX
Susan Hudson Hull, University of Texas Dana Center, Austin, TX

33  10:45 AM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Teaching and Learning Leadership

Pearson Technology Showcase: Integrating Technology into Mathematics Instruction to Measurably Improve Student Achievement
How can schools effectively integrate technology into mathematics instruction to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement? Learn practical strategies to help teachers integrate notebook computers, online instructional resources, assessment tools, and other technologies into daily teaching and learning to address state standards, engage students, and promote higher order thinking skills.


Mark Jamison, Pearson, Grapevine, TX
Debbie Crawford, Pearson, Greenville, SC

52  12:15 PMGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Carnegie Learning Technology Showcase: Carnegie Learning Adaptive Math Solutions - Flexible, Research-Based Mathematics Solutions for All Middle and High School Students
In this hands-on session, participants will experience mathematics instruction that meets individual student needs. Whether you are searching for a core program or a supplemental solution, Cognitive Tutor© Software offers rich problem solving activities, dynamic formative assessment, and detailed student reports. By Learning by Doing™, students become engaged in the mathematics.


Sandy Bartle, Carnegie Learning, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
Amy Lewis, Carnegie Learning, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

64  01:30 PM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Key Curriculum Press Technology Showcase: A Sneak-Preview of Sketchpad Version 5
Try the latest version of this award-winning software, used across grade levels and around the world, to help students develop powerful mathematical understanding through dynamic, interactive visualization. This version integrates with your digital classroom, adding power and convenience, extending applications across curriculum topics. Learn what's new from Sketchpad's designer and developer.


Nicholas Jackiw, Key Curriculum Press Technologies, Emeryville, CA

82  02:45 PM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Teaching and Learning Leadership

Pearson Technology Showcase: Improving Student Success Through Better Engagement - Math XL for School
Appealing and motivational for today's students through rich, multi-media resources, MathXL allows teachers to focus on important aspects of teaching, such as measuring learning outcomes and identifying students who need help, while students receive a customized learning experience with automatic grading, immediate feedback, multiple help resources, and practice, practice, practice!


Sandee House, Pearson Consultant, Decatur, GA

94  04:00 PM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

CASIO Technology Showcase: Experience the NEW Functions and Interface of CASIO's fx-ES Plus Scientific Calculators.
Experience the newest innovations in calculators from CASIO. Learn about classroom tools and strategies that create an easier, more complete teaching and learning experience. Plus, get a glimpse of our newest online training, customized professional development programs, and the FX9860G Slim graphing calculator, designed to make mathematics easy and affordable!


Nevels Nevels, Saint Louis Public Schools, Saint Louis, MO

Technology Showcase -- Tuesday, April 21, 2009
109  08:45 AM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Pearson Technology Showcase: The Power of Student Gaming - Pearson Elementary and Middle School Math Programs
The world is changing and so are your students! Pearson is proud to reach today's digital natives with an exclusive partnership with Tabula Digita! Connect to today's learners through DimensionM™'s Single and Multiplayer immersive educational gaming, tied directly to enVision Math and Prentice Hall Middle[EL] School Mathematics. Explore new gaming methods to engage, motivate, and inspire your students while offering additional mathematics practice.


Kristin White, Pearson, Glenview, IL

130  10:15 AM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Texas Instrument Technology Showcase: What's New At Texas Instruments Now?
Updates on the latest Texas Instruments products and free resources: thousands of free calculator lesson plans, SAT and ACT practice tests from the Princeton Review, funding resources, and more.


Robb Wilson, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

152  02:30 PM147BGeneralRegular (60 min)Technology Leadership

Explore Learning Technology Showcase: Using Online Simulations from ExploreLearning (Gizmos) to Improve Student Achievement in Mathematics
Learn how to use online simulations to put research about effective instructional strategies into practice in classrooms. We will summarize Marzano's research showing that computer-based simulations are powerful instructional aids. We will also demonstrate our online simulations, ExploreLearning Gizmos, which promote inquiry and understanding for students in grades 3-12.


David Shuster, ExploreLearning, Charlottesville, VA

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