Monday Sessions

Session 1211
Connecting Geometric Measurement, Other Measures, and Data Use Standards to Each Other and to Standards in Other CCSS Domains by Karen Fuson

Session 1212
Mathematics Education: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? What Will a Future Lesson Look Like? by Richard Seitz, David Erickson

Session 1213
Productive Strategies to Support Students' Engagement in Productive Struggle by Diane Briars
Also: NCSM18_1213_Briars.pdf

Session 1221
Improve Fluency with Math Talks and Number Strings by Brittany Goerig
Also: NCSM18_1221_Goerig2.pdf
Also: NCSM18_1221_Goerig3.pdf
Also: NCSM18_1221_Goerig4.pdf
Also: NCSM18_1221_Goerig5.pdf

Session 1222
Advocating for and Maximizing the Impact of Elementary Coaches: Lessons Learned from Research and the Field by Patricia Campbell

Session 1223
Integrating Interactive Experiences with Children into Professional Development by Vicki Jacobs, Susan Empson, Dinah Brown, Joan Case

Session 1225
Building Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching the Mathematical Practices: A Four-Part Model for Argumentation by Harriette Stevens, Jennifer Knudsen

Session 1227
Decide and Defend: An Instructional Routine to Support Teacher and District Attention to Equity in the Classroom by Amy Lucenta, Grace Kelemanik

Session 1231
Making an IMPACT: Initial Results of a Formative Assessment Training and Coaching Grant by Linda Smith, Cecilio Dimas

Session 1233
What's the Good News? Division Understanding Can Be Developed Through the Analysis of Students' Preexisting Knowledge by Mary Abele-Austin, Karen Reinhardt

Session 1234
Coaching for Mathematical Mindset and Standards-Based Instruction by Marni Greenstein, Aubree Short, Kim Schoenau

Session 1236
Coaching for Rigor: Essential Elements by Mardi Gale
Also: NCSM18_1236_Gale.pdf

Session 1302
Where Am I in My Equity Walk? by John Staley

Session 1315
Using Video to Support the Improvement of Teaching Practice by Meghan Shaughnessy, Nicole Garcia, Deborah Ball

Session 1316
After GAIMME - Mathematical Modeling In The Classroom by Sol Garfunkel, Kathleen Snook

Session 1321
Coding: An Application of STEM in the Math Classroom by Michelle Rinehart, Andi Parr

Session 1325
Games for Young Mathematicians: Promoting Equity in Early Childhood Mathematics Through Games That Foster Persistence and a Learning Mindset by Kristen Reed, Jessica Young, E. Paul Goldenberg, Deborah Spencer

Session 1333
Photo-Driven Data Meetings by Steve Wyborney

Session 1334
Opportunities for NCSM Professional Learning Leadership Events by Pat Baltzley, Jackie Palmquist

Session 1411
Concepts and Routines for High School Classrooms: What We Can Learn from Elementary Classrooms by Marc Garneau

Session 1417
Don't Make Every Strategy a Separate Lesson: Developing Understanding and Skill with K-3 Operations by Shelbi Cole, Marni Greenstein

Session 1421
Promoting a Mathematics Positive Culture by Raj Shah

Session 1423
Mathematics and Curiosity Magnified! Engaging in STEM with Primary Students by Rebecca Lewis

Session 1426
The Productive Struggle Is Real by Melissa Waggoner, Lindsay Kelley

Session 1431
Re-Envision Mathematics Instruction for English Language Learners by John Sessoms, Janet Pittock

Session 1432
Coaching Heavy Through the Debrief Process by Annette Zook, Allyson Fox

Session 1434
Supporting English Language Learners: Best Practices, Top Research, New Resources by Astrid Fossum, Barbara Beske

Session 1511
Math Talks: Adapting the Number Talks Structure for Secondary Mathematics Classrooms by Michelle Rinehart

Session 1514
Principles for Designing Powerful, Engaging, and Effective Professional Learning Experiences by Delise Andrews, Beth Kobett

Session 1516
NCSM Situations: Using Classroom-Based Scenarios to Build Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching by Diane Briars, M. Kathleen Heid, Suzanne Mitchell, Steven Viktora, Patricia Wilson, James Wilson, Rose Mary Zbiek, Glen Blume

Session 1517
CPR for the Common Core: Using the Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction (CMI) Framework to Unpack Standards Across a Learning Cycle by Scott Hendrickson, Sterling Hilton

Session 1522
Helping Teachers Develop Mathematical Knowledge for Using Properties to Build Critical Numerical Fluency with Operations by Patsy Kanter, Steve Leinwand

Session 1524
How Do You Support Primary Teachers in Building Number Sense? by Lisa Rogers, Amy Mayfield
Also: NCSM18_1524_Rogers.pdf

Session 1525
Starting with a Vision of Equity: Supporting Detracking Through Professional Development by Angela Torres, Emma Trevino, Alisa Brown

Session 1527
Empowerment of Teachers Through Rich Mathematical Tasks and the Standards for Mathematical Practice by Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie

Session 1531
Engaged in Coaching: Come Take Part in a Coaching Cycle! by Travis Lemon, Barbara Kuehl

Session 1533
Building Teacher Capacity to Support Productive Struggle Through Questioning and Discourse by Sarah Burns, Debbie Leslie, Andy Isaacs, Ellen Dairyko

Session 1535
Stop, Look, and Listen: Strengthening Coaching Partnerships and Supporting Students' Mathematical Discourse Through Empathic Listening by Monica Kendall, Lori Ramsey

Session 1612
Strategies to Create Math Talk Communities by Lynn Columba
Also: NCSM18_1612_Columba2.pdf

Session 1615
Math Workshop: Improving Core Instruction with Guided Mathematics, Learning Stations, Student Reflection, and More by Jennifer Lempp

Session 1616
One to One Million: Number Sense Progressions for K-5 by Arjan Khalsa

Session 1617
"Why Do They Do That?" Using Research to Improve Problem Solving by Kimberly Hayden

Session 1621
Six Essential Expectations for Effective Mathematics Instruction by Juli Dixon

Session 1624
Reweaving the Tapestry by Fran Roy, Catherine Fosnot
Also: NCSM18_1624_Roy.pptx

Session 1625
Teacher University and Summer Math Camp: Powerful Learning for Teachers and Students by Denise Porter, Cate Stallmeyer-Gerard, Polly Hill, Alison Whittington

Session 1632
Building Coherence: A Look at the Use of Models Across the Grades by Connie Laughlin, Stefanie Hassan

Session 1636
Using Principles to Actions as a Tool for Supporting Principals to Observe Mathematics Instruction and Provide Teacher Feedback by Rebecca Afghani, Kyoko Weber-Sickler, Nanette Seago, Catherine Carroll

Session 1713
Early Mathematics Intervention: Identifying and Supporting Our Struggling Mathematics Learners by Judith Campbell, Chi Quach

Session 1715
A Framework for Infusing Equity and Social Justice into Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction by Kristopher Childs, Deborah Crocker, Irma Cruz-White, Linda Fulmore, Sandie Gilliam, Paul Gray, Jr., Karen Hyers, Kathlan Latimer, Kimberly Morrow-Leong

Session 1722
Number Talks as Professional Development by Duane Habecker

Session 1723
The Future of Mathematics Professional Development by Ryan Timmons, Brian Newsom

Session 1724
Are Your Teachers Sitting and Getting OR Learning and Applying? by Vicky Armstrong, Deb Wickman, Dianne Wilson

Session 1727
Supporting STEM Teaching-Planning and Orchestrating Mathematics Learning in Next Generation Science Standards Contexts by Will Johnston, Alka Arora, Kim Gattis

Session 1731
Using Mathematical Tasks to Change the Conversation by Amanda Merritt, Leslie Texas

Session 1732
A Balanced Approach to Making Fact Fluency Assessments Meaningful by Sara Baranauskas, Robin Moore

Session 1733
The Conversation IS the Relationship: Coaching with Positive Presupposition and Positive Intent by Kim Romain

Session 1736
The Challenge of Capturing the Action of Operations: Representations at Work by Marta Garcia, Kaneka Turner

Tuesday Sessions

Session 2102
The Whole School Agreement: Aligning Across and Within Grades to Build Student Success by Karen Karp, Sarah Bush, Barbara Dougherty
Also: NCSM18_2102-Karp1.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2102-Karp2.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2102-Karp3.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2102-Karp4.pdf

Session 2111
What Is Rough Draft Thinking and How Can It Be Integrated into Mathematics Classrooms? by Amanda Jansen, Michael Reitemeyer

Session 2112
I Do, We Do, You Do Needs a Redo by Linda Smith, Jacqueline Hennings
Also: NCSM18_2112_Smith.pdf

Session 2121
The Answer Still Matters … Eventually by Cathy Seeley
Also: NCSM18_2121_Seeley2.pdf

Session 2125
Collaborative Planning: A Strategy to Narrow Learning Gaps! by Karla Bandemer, Delise Andrews, Susie Katt

Session 2127
Learn How to Develop Teacher Content Knowledge and Practice Through Instructional Routines by Grace Kelemanik, Amy Lucenta

Session 2131
Developing Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching by Integrating Four Core Elements Within Practice-Based Professional Development by Kara Suzuka, Timothy Boerst

Session 2132
Mathematical Language Routines: Equity and Access for All by Craig Schneider, Vanessa Cerrahoglu, Sadie Estrella

Session 2133
Lesson Study: Individualized and Hands-On Professional Development for Teachers Inside Their Classrooms and Through Their Professional Learning Teams by Kim McCuiston, Keri McKenzie, Julie Bacak, Cathy Johnson

Session 2136
Learning to Listen: Supporting Early Childhood Teachers to Elicit and Interpret the Thinking of Young Children by Nicole Cirino, Meghan Shaughnessy, Karen Reinhardt
Also: NCSM18_2136_Cirino2.pdf

Session 2213
Taking Action: Implementing the Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices by Margaret Smith

Session 2215
Using Research to Inform Practice: Deepening Teacher Understanding of Standards for Mathematical Practice 7 & 8 by Hilary Kreisberg

Session 2222
Learning from Children's Mathematical Thinking: An Approach to Formative Assessment by Kendra Lomax, Becca Lewis

Session 2223
Building School Capacity for More Equitable Teaching Practices through Mathematics Teacher Leadership by Linda Davenport, Connie Henry, Peter Thorlichen
Also: NCSM18_2223_Davenport2.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2223_Davenport3.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2223_Davenport4.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2223_Davenport5.pdf

Session 2226
Fostering Student Engagement Through Differentiation Using a Secondary Workshop Model by Jennifer Allard, David Van Vleet

Session 2227
Integrating Mathematics and Science: Preparing for the Future by Karin Lange, Julie Jacobi
Also: NCSM18_2227_Lange-Jacobi1.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2227_Lange-Jacobi2.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2227_Lange-Jacobi3.pdf

Session 2231
Feedback: How Does Targeted, Tangible, and Timely Feedback Improve the Dialogue Between Mathematics Coaches and Teachers to Make Learning Visible for Diverse Learners? by Yvonne Mendolia, Brenda Green

Session 2234
Coaching Partnerships to Promote Mathematics Identity by Margaret Pligge

Session 2236
Keeping Pace … Collaborative Planning for Effective Instruction by Leslie Johnson, Laura Potter, Maria Everett
Also: NCSM18_2236_Suzuka.pdf

Session 2312
Formative Assessment Tools and Routines for Developing Number Sense and Additive Reasoning in Grades K-2 by Caroline Ebby, Beth Hulbert, Nicole Fletcher

Session 2315
Transformative Mathematics Professional Learning: How Appreciative Inquiry(AI) and Strength-Based Methods Promote Positive Teacher Change by Beth Kobett
Also: NCSM18_2315_Kobett.pptx

Session 2316
Using Instructional Routines to Support Both Student Learning and Teacher Learning by Becca Lewis, Kendra Lomax

Session 2317
What Effect Do Number Talks Have on Student Achievement and Attitudes Toward Mathematics? by Ann Dominick

Session 2322
Research-Practice Partnerships to Support Continuity in Mathematics Curricula: The Story of San Francisco Unified School District and the COHERE Study by Cynthia Coburn, Lizzy Hull Barnes, Megan Franke

Session 2323
Orienting Students to the Thinking of Others: What Do First-Year Teachers Do and How Can We Support All Teachers' Practice? by Nicole Garcia, Heather Beasley, Melissa Kemmerle, Karen Reinhardt

Session 2325
Assessment and Equity: Uniting Two Critical Issues to Help Children Learn Mathematics by Denise Brady, Jason Gauthier, Dana Gosen

Session 2332
Do's and Don'ts: Catching Kids Up on Grade-Level Mathematics by Christina Allison, Astrid Fossum, Elizabeth Horan Thompson

Session 2334
Developing Effective and Inspiring Coaches of Mathematics by Thomas Stricklin, Sharon Rendon
Also: NCSM18_2334_Stricklin2.pdf
Also: NCSM18_2334_Stricklin3.pptx

Session 2511
Keeping Girls Engaged in Mathematics in Middle School and Beyond by Abby Gordon

Session 2513
Sense-Making: Is It a Focus in Your Classrooms and Your Schools? by Annie Fetter, Joe Schwartz

Session 2517
Coaching with an Eye on Teaching:  Essential Coaching Practices that Lead to Effective Teaching Practices by Sorsha Mulroe, Claudia Eckstrom, Dennis McDonald

Session 2522
Launch the Learning: Lessons to Promote Teacher Collaboration and Student Engagement by Molly Rawding, Linda Menkis

Session 2523
Designing for the Edges: Bringing Equity to All Through Practical Routines by Rhonda Bondie, Kara Imm

Session 2525
MQI Coaching: Supporting Coaches in Supporting Teachers by Claire Gogolen, Samantha R. Booth, Heather Hill

Session 2526
Creating Professional Learning Experiences to Build Teacher Content Knowledge by Stephen Sebelski, Rolanda Baldwin

Session 2533
From Research to Theory to Doable: Making It Work for Teachers and Administrators by Rosa Serratore

Session 2535
Supporting the Development of Teachers' Expertise in Noticing Children's Mathematical Thinking by Susan Empson, Vicki Jacobs, Joan Case, Dinah Brown

Wednesday Sessions

Session 3101
Understanding the Resistant Teacher: Changing Our Narrative to Foster Stronger Relationships by Mike Flynn
Also: NCSM18_3101_Flynn2.pdf
Also: NCSM18_3101_Flynn3.pdf

Session 3102
Small Group, Big Gains: Coaching for Effective Pulled Small Group Instruction by Juli Dixon, Lisa Brooks

Session 3121
Effective and Practical Strategies to Implement Universal Mathematics Intervention in the Core Classroom by Janet Pittock

Session 3125
Don't Be Fooled by the Bells and Whistles! Approaching Program Adoption with a Critical Eye-Epilogue by Sallie Kaan, Ashley Nestor

Session 3127
Leading Mathematics Professionalism in a Digital Age by Amy Seylar, Angela Waltrup

Session 3131
Doing the Math with Paraeducators by Judy Storeygard, Denise Treacy

Session 3132
Dynamic Partners Take on Discourse, a Task, Technology, and a Meaningful Lesson Plan to Orchestrate Student Thinking and Assessment by Andrea Lang, Rachael Degnan
Also: NCSM18_3132_Lang2.pdf
Also: NCSM18_3132_Lang3.pdf

Session 3133
Purposeful Pairings: Using Effective Coaching to Inspire Any Palate by Chryste Berda, Katie Basham, Wendy Kubasko
Also: NCSM18_3133_Basham-2.pdf
Also: NCSM18_3133_Basham-3.pdf

Session 3134
NCSM: Administrator Kick-off by Mona Toncheff, Bill Barnes

Session 3135
Fixing Broken Systems: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Ensuring That Students Have a Coherent Mathematics Experience by Shelbi Cole, Kevin Liner

Session 3201
Acknowledgment, Action, Accountability: Addressing Deficit Thinking and Deficit Language by Nora Ramirez

Session 3212
Conversations That Shift Instruction by Amanda Merritt, Jason Adair, Kenna Barger

Session 3214
How to De-Track Mathematics Courses: Practical Ways to Support Monumental Change in Curriculum, Culture, and Achievement by Tim Hudson

Session 3217
Developing Buddy Teachers Plus Buddy Classrooms to Build Mathematical Communities by Jane Felling

Session 3222
The Adaptive Mathematics Teacher: Responding to Learner Variability by David Dockterman

Session 3233
Research-Based Learning Trajectories: What Are They and How Can I Use Them? by Michelle Douglas-Meyer, Melissa Hedges

Session 3234
Leveraging Technology to Enhance Professional Learning: The NCSM Professional Learning App and the Digital Tools for Formative Assessment Module by Marc Garneau, Natalie Crist

Session 3324
Engaging Parents in Mathematical Shifts: Collaboration Between Coaches, Teachers, and Parents Using Social Media, Technology, and Community Outreach by Renee Charette

Session 3327
Equity vs. Equality in the Articulation Process by Damitra Newsome, Anne Metzbower, Robin White
Also: NCSM18_3327_Newsome2.pdf

Session 3335
Using Formative Assessment for Student Engagement and Proficiency by Nita Walker, Barbara Post

Session 3502
Leadership as a Subversive Activity by Cathy Seeley

Session 3511
Rally Your Region: The Power in Collaborating with Neighboring Divisions by Vickie Bohidar, Deanna Moreau, Skip Tyler, Cathy Blair

Session 3512
Modeling the 5 Practices for Equitable Classroom Discourse: Experience to Action by Kathryn Ernie, Erick Hofacker

Session 3513
Leading the Learning: Transforming the Teaching of Mathematics Through Book Study by Susan O'Connell

Session 3516
Examining the Modeling Process, Model with Mathematics, and Application to Enhance Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching by Tim Truitt

Session 3517
Empowering Students and Teachers Through Cross­Curricular Communication and Alignment by Peg Hartwig

Session 3523
Activating the Vision for Mathematics Assessments: How Do We Ensure Equity When Gathering and Using Evidence of Student Learning? by Bill Barnes, Mona Toncheff
Also: NCSM18_3523_Barnes2.pdf

Session 3524
Developing an Effective Standards Based Grading (SBG) Model to Support Learning of Mathematics by Darshan Jain, Tina Nocella

Session 3536
Seeing the System: Continuous Improvement Coaching to Improve Principals' Feedback to Teachers by Eric Frandsen, Jonathan Dolle, Casey Doose, Rebecca Perry

Session 3622
Principles for Principals: Developing Administrator Understanding of Mathematics Teaching Practices by Jenny Novak, Jamila Riser, Tara Faircloth

Session 3623
Creating a Common Vision of CCR Standards-Aligned Instruction Using the Instructional Practice Guide (IPG): Coaching Tool by Jennie Beltramini, Brian Dean

Session 3631
Algebraic Thinking Through Visual Representations by Ashlee LeGear, Erick Hofacker

Session 3632
What We Can Learn (and Use) from Video Game Designers to Make Mathematics Irresistible by Raj Shah

Session 3633
Helping Teachers Feel Supported by Shifting the Culture and Mathematical Mindset of Parents by Matthew Beyranevand, Hilary Kreisberg

Session 3636
Sense Making the Gateway to Access, Equity, and Empowerment by Michael Gould, Lisa Bush

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