Looking for something to do? There are lots of sites to see in our Nation's Capital, spend time on Sunday morning touring the monuments then join NCSM on Sunday afternoon for one of two Pre-Conference sessions.

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Pre-Conference Session A, Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Math Coaches Enact Principles to Actions: Intentionally Balancing Content and Context to Make Instructional Shifts
Presenters: Courtney Baker and Melinda Knapp

Session Outcomes

How can coaches and leaders effectively engage in seven high-leverage mathematics coaching practices to support the teacher development (individuals and teams) of the eight Mathematics Teaching Practices from Principles to Actions (NCTM, 2014)?

Making Coaching Choices: Experience how the DMPMC (Decision-Making Protocol for Math Coaching) guides coaches and other leaders through the complex set of choices they face as they work to support individual teachers, teams of teachers, and administrators.

Courageous Conversations: The protocol can also promote equity by developing a coach's ability to have courageous conversations that emphasize math content, while also addressing the school context, so that coaches and teachers can be responsive to diverse student backgrounds.

Building Teacher Capacity: The four phases of the protocol provide guidance to coaches as they support teachers' skillful implementation of the eight research-based mathematics teaching practices (e.g. facilitating mathematical discourse, posing purposeful questions, supporting productive struggle, etc.) from Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All (NCTM, 2014) The DMPMC is for any leader whose goals are to move math instruction forward through enactment of PtA to create a cohesive vision for all school stakeholders.

In this session participants will

  1. Understand a coach's critical role in building teacher capacity
  2. Learn seven high-leverage coaching practices for supporting individuals and teams of teachers
  3. Learn to make decisions within a range of coaching contexts while simultaneously focusing on math content
  4. Ask guiding questions that connect content and high-leverage coaching and teaching practices
  5. Collaboratively develop and rehearse evaluating contexts, defining a content focus, establishing goals, selecting appropriate practices and engaging in collaborative debriefs to inform future actions
  6. Design a course of action to support high-quality mathematics instruction specific to the coach's own context

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Courtney Baker (George Mason University)
Melinda Knapp (Oregon State University-Cascades)

Courtney and Melinda utilize their experiences as K-12 mathematics coaches and classroom teachers to provide professional development experiences for mathematics teacher leaders that aim to advance instructional practices.

Pre-Conference Session B, Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Using Equity & Social Justice to Build Mathematics Leadership
Presenters: Nora Ramirez, Linda Fulmore, Jackie Palmquist, and Pat Baltzley

Session Outcomes

Leadership for equity requires action to remove barriers and provide all students with access to rigorous, meaningful curriculum taught by highly effective teachers. Toward this end, mathematics education leaders must have a clear, shared vision of mathematics teaching and learning that embraces high achievement for all students. The leader must recognize and support beliefs and mindsets of adults and students such that each and every student has opportunities and support to learn mathematics.

How can leaders effectively lead for equity and social justice in mathematics? The conversation around equity and social justice needs to go beyond just a conversation. This complex and challenging work requires attention to the issues surrounding equity and social justice in mathematics as well as knowledge, understanding, and resources to make changes at the local level. Presenters will actively engage participants and guide them through adaptable research-informed practices, strategies, models, and concepts that effective mathematics education leaders need to know and integrate into their work around making mathematics education just and equitable for all students.

In this session participants will

  1. Engage in rich content, to include both mathematical and social justice content, explicitly designed to illustrate the transformation needed for learning environments, instructional practices, and systemic forces in mathematics education
  2. Learn research-based strategies from experts in mathematics equity and social justice to empower mathematics education leaders with professional learning resources to bring back to their local school district
  3. Have time for quality conversations and questions around tough topics directly with workshop presenters
  4. Formulate a plan to meet the unique needs of their local district with ready-to-use resources for creating a mathematics vision to enable all students to learn rigorous and relevant mathematics
  5. Network and share with leaders from other regions, states, and countries

Note that this four-hour program will be a more intimate version of the bigger NCSM seminar held in Chicago in November 2017. This provides the opportunity to extend the conversation and dig deeper into the issues with the presenters.

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Nora Ramirez is the Executive Director of TODOS: Mathematics for All and the Immediate Past President of the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics. She currently works as an independent mathematics education consultant in rural, urban, and suburban schools.

Linda Fulmore is currently the Position Papers Editor for NCSM and previously served as 1st and 2nd Vice-President and secretary. She is an education consultant, chair of NCTM's Mathematics Education Trust Board, and treasurer of TODOS Mathematics for All.

Jackie Palmquist is one of the NCSM Co-Directors for Professional Learning. Jackie is Math Department Chair Indian Prairie School District 204 in Aurora, Illinois. She currently serves as MDHWCS President and is an active member in local and state level Math organizations.

Pat Baltzley: Pat is one of the NCSM Co-Director for Professional Learning. Pat is a retired mathematics educator with over 40 years in education and lives in Gardiner, MT. She currently works as an independent consultant for mathematics education and is also serving as the chair of the Board of Trustees in Gardiner.

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