Leading Mathematics into the Future: Inspiring Monumental Change


The five stands for the 2018 NCSM Annual Conference represent areas of interest to a large number of our members. We hope that by focusing on these topics you will learn deeply about issues that are of immediate and lasting importance to you.


  1. Equity in Practice: Presentations in this strand will address active efforts toward cultural change in every classroom, school, and district to combat systemic challenges such as access, tracking, and deficit thinking.
  2. Cultivating a Mathematics Coaching Practice: Presentations in this strand will share the latest research and reports on successful coaching practices that support the mathematical learning of teachers and their students.
  3. Evidence and Experiences from the Field: Presentations in this strand will consider the impact of assessments grounded in evidence of student thinking, action research projects, lesson study, studio teaching, coaching acts that show results, or innovative school-level programs that make a difference in students' mathematical learning.
  4. Developing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: Presentations in this strand share recent research findings and explore the implications for assessment, curriculum planning, and task design.
  5. Leading Mathematics into the Future: The 50th Anniversary strand presenters will reflect on the past accomplishments of NCSM members and look ahead to the most innovative plans and goals for the future of mathematics education.
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