2011 NCSM Annual Conference

Speaker Handouts and PPTs


The 2011 Annual Conference Program Booklets are here!

Speaker Handouts

Monday Sessions: 4/11/2011

Session 113:
The Impact of Teacher Professional Development on Student Achievement by Patty Lofgren, John Mayer and Bernadette Mullins

Session 119:
Facilitating the Use of Formative Assessment when Teaching Fractions: A Case of Research to Practice - Vermont Mathematics Partnership's (VMP) Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP) by Marjorie Petit

Session 120:
How to Reach the Unreachable in Algebra I by Edward Nolan

Major Session 121:
Geometric Reasoning and Problem Solving: Keys to Success for English Language Learners by Mark Driscoll

Session 122:
Moving Beyond Typical Professional Development That Doesn't Work and Toward Effective Teacher Development (ETD) That Can Make a Real Difference by Steven Leinwand

Major Session 133:
Understanding the Challenges Teachers Face in Using a Transformational Approach to Mathematical Similarity by Nanette Seago

Session 136:
Quantiles - A Powerful New Way to Track Student Success by Jan Scott

Session 149
Implementing the More Challenging Aspects of Common Core State Standards by Diane Briars

Session 158:
High School Mathematics in a Common Core Era: Revolution, Regression, or Life as Usual? by Cathy Seeley

Tuesday Sessions: 4/12/2011

Major Session 202:
The Will to Transform by Donna Simpson Leak

Session 205:
Guided Mathematics Groups: Differentiated Learning for Response to Intervention by Judy Storeygard and Marta Garcia

Session 208:
Can Three Wrongs Make a Right? Helping Teachers and Coaches Use Assessment Items to Drive Students' Thinking by Sendhil Revuluri

Session 209:
CNECT-ing Mathematics and Career Technical Education by Margaret (Meghan) Southworth

Major Session 219:
Dramatic Agency and Transformational Play: Why Should Educators Care About Videogames? by Sasha Barab

Session 232:
Research to Practice: You Know What They Know, So, Now What? by Jennifer Leimberer

Major Session 234:
Sticking to Your Diet: A Mathematical Approach by Diana Thomas

Session 243:
On Track for Four Years of Mathematics! Discrete Mathematics and Modeling for High School Students AND Teachers by Mona Toncheff and Jeanette Scott

Session 246:
Making STEM Real and Accessible for All by J. Scott Eddins

Major Session 247:
Focus on Mathematical Reasoning and Sense Making: New and Continuing Efforts in NCTM's Long-term Initiative on the Teaching of Secondary Mathematics by J. Michael Shaughnessy, NCTM President

Wednesday Sessions: 4/13/2011

Breakfast Session 301:
The Common Core State Standards: The Latest in a Nutshell by Phil Daro

Session 302:
Panel: Reshaping Assessment by Hugh Burkhardt and Dan Hopp

Session 328:
Using NCTM's Freely Available Reflection Guides to Provide Professional Development to Mathematics Learning Communities by Monique Lynch

Session 340:
Transforming Teaching: Examples That Support Taking Teachers from Dissonance to Depth by Juli Dixon

Session 341:
Providing Professional Development to Meet Common Core State Standards by Bill Barnes and Jonathan Wray

Session 346:
Enhance Students' Problem Solving Skills Using the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) by Nicholas Restivo