2011 NCSM Annual Conference

Sponsor Showcase Sessions

Session information last updated: 3-31-2011

Sponsor Showcase -- Monday, April 11, 2011
114  9:30 AM to
10:30 AM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

Math Solutions Sponsor Showcase: Let's Talk About Mathematics: Key Discussion Topics and Problems
Using classroom discussions effectively can be challenging. How do you facilitate a discussion so that it leads to student insight and discovery? This session presents problems and questions that help students develop deep understanding. Complimentary resources will be given to first 50 attendees. (Intermediate 3–5, General)


Lead Speaker: Suzanne Chapin

130  10:45 AM to
11:45 AM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

Borenson and Associates, Inc. Sponsor Showcase: With Hands-On Equations® You Can Provide Your Students in Grades 3–9 with a Sound Introduction to Algebra!
Attend this session and experience this powerful instructional approach developed by Dr. Henry Borenson. By making algebraic concepts visual and kinesthetic, even young students can experience success with algebraic linear equations and word problems! Receive a free demonstration kit! (Grades 3–9)


Lead Speaker: Linda Bailey
Co-Presenter: Carolyn Talton

143  12:15 PM to
1:15 PM
Marriott Downtown: Santa Fe

It's About Time Publishing Sponsor Showcase: Incorporating Technology with a Standards-Based Program Produces Results
This workshop will explore algebra and geometry standards-based activities, that when integrated with appropriate technology, help students better visualize these topics. With a strong professional development program, this approach helped the presenter's school earn state and national awards. (Secondary 9–12)


Lead Speaker: James Kearns

159  1:30 PM to
2:30 PM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

ETA/Cuisenaire Sponsor Showcase: Virtual Manipulatives? Interactive Whiteboards? What Does Hands-On Really Mean Today?
Interactive whiteboards have brought virtual manipulatives into our classrooms. Learn to use these new tools in combination with traditional concrete manipulatives. See the technology in action and learn strategies for incorporating it into your own classroom, even before the hardware arrives. (PK–8)


Lead Speaker: Sara Moore

170  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

CORD Communications, Inc. Sponsor Showcase: Professional Learning Communities: Building Faculty Cohesion for Teaching Mathematics the Way Students Learn
Contextual teaching is a proven strategy for meeting the Common Core State Standards. Creating Professional Learning Communities allows teachers time for professional development, evaluation, and support. This session focuses on building teams and equipping them with needed materials for student success. (Secondary 9–12)


Lead Speaker: Sandra Harwell
Co-Presenter: Claudia Maness

187  4:00 PM to
5:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Santa Fe

Carnegie Learning, Inc. Sponsor Showcase: How Are We Getting Students to Think More Deeply About Mathematics?
Come learn about the research-based and pedagogical approach taken to develop a middle school mathematics series based on individualization and increasing student motivation. This session will cover the field-testing conducted in the development process and the initial implementation in an urban district. (Middle 6–8)


Lead Speaker: Sandy Bartle
Co-Presenter: Amy McClure
Co-Presenter: Laura Thomas

Sponsor Showcase -- Tuesday, April 12, 2011
211  8:45 AM to
9:45 AM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

Scholastic Inc. Sponsor Showcase: The Core Within the Core: The Common Core State Standards and Implications for Intervention
The Common Core State Standards strive for greater focus and coherence by focusing on key ideas and organizing principles. Learn how to identify the core foundations within the standards, in order to effectively reach your most struggling students. (PK–8)


Lead Speaker: Marilyn Trow

228  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

CASIO AMERICA, INC. Sponsor Showcase: Using Technology and Context to Foster Mathematical Thinking
PRIZM, and its correlated book series, offers intriguing, meaningful, investigations targeting "big ideas" in secondary mathematics. Our books build on students' interests and intuition to foster rich mathematical thinking. Never again hear, "When will I ever use this?" Receive a PRIZM and related materials! (General)


Lead Speaker: Robert Horton

244  11:15 AM to
12:15 PM
Marriott Downtown: Santa Fe

Key Curriculum Press Sponsor Showcase: Ignite! Speakers Enlighten the Room with Fresh Ideas in Mathematics
Presenters entice the audience with five-minutes of fun, upbeat, and informative talks that pique interest, provoke, entertain, and educate. In the Ignite format, timeframes are strictly enforced: five-minutes per presentation and 20 slides that auto-forward every 15 seconds, ready or not. (General)


Lead Speaker: Karen Coe

256  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

ORIGO Education, Inc. Sponsor Showcase: ORIGO Education: Your Source of Inspiration
ORIGO Education inspires teachers to develop deep understanding of mathematics with an environment rich in language, thinking skills, games, and visual models. Come and be inspired by ORIGO's Australian president and senior author representing the newest source in innovative mathematics resources. (PK–8)


Lead Speaker: James Burnett
Co-Presenter: Rob Nickerson

Sponsor Showcase -- Wednesday, April 13, 2011
311  8:45 AM to
9:45 AM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

MIND Research Institute Sponsor Showcase: Engage and Inspire: How the Right Technology Tools Can Transform Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Discover the MIND Research Institute's research-based ST Math Program, where students learn mathematics visually and conceptually. Students become successful problem solvers playing Spatial Temporal computer games that start purely visually and then gradually introduce symbols and language. (PK–12)


Lead Speaker: Nigel Nisbet

312  8:45 AM to
9:45 AM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Sponsor Showcase: Success is the Intersection Where Opportunity and Preparation Meet
The Common Core State Standards are the opportunity, so how do we prepare? The new standards will impact current practices in teaching and learning. As leaders, it is our responsibility to assess the needs of our teachers, students, and community and prepare for the Common Core State Standards. (PK–12)


Lead Speaker: Meaghan Pavlovich

326  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeMiddle
(6 - 8)

Pearson Sponsor Showcase: Pearson's New Digits Program—Where Math Clicks!
Pearson's new program uses the power of technology to bring best practices of teaching into the classroom. Learn about this exciting new program built for today's digital student, with all interactive whiteboard lessons, online homework and assessments, and automatic grading and reporting. (Middle 6–8)


Lead Speaker: Elizabeth Lehnertz

327  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
Marriott Downtown: LincolnGeneral

America's Choice Sponsor Showcase: The Common Core State Standards: Getting Ahead of the Curve for Implementation
Phil Daro, a member of the Mathematics Work Group for the Common Core State Standards, will discuss the impact of the Common Core on teaching and learning mathematics. This discussion will focus on implications for professional development and student resources as we help schools and classes prepare for the Common Core assessments to be administered in 2014–2015.


Lead Speaker: Phil Daro

343  11:15 AM to
12:15 PM
Marriott Downtown: Santa FeGeneral

Texas Instruments Sponsor Showcase: The TI MathForward Program Experience, an Algebra-Readiness Program
Participants will engage in an interactive MathForward classroom that integrates the TI-Nspire handhelds and the TI-Navigator system. The program components will be highlighted, and research on the program's effectiveness at increasing student achievement in large urban districts will be shared. (Middle 6–8, Secondary 9–12)


Lead Speaker: Pamela Bernabei-Rorrer
Co-Presenter: Eva Airhart