2011 NCSM Annual Conference

Keynote and Major Speakers

Keynote and Major Session Speakers

Distinguished speakers will be featured throughout the conference. Each will address important issues in mathematics education and leadership. Each of the celebrated speakers below will present a plenary session during the three-day conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Karen Cator

2011 Keynote Speaker
Karen Cator
Director, U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology
Washington, D.C.

Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology

Major Session Speakers - Monday through Wednesday, April 11-13, 2011

Sasha Barab

Indiana University
Bloomington IN

Dramatic Agency and Transformational Play: Why Should Educators Care About Videogames?

Diane Briars

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
Pittsburgh PA

Implementing the More Challenging Aspects of Common Core State Standards

Don Deshler

University of Kansas
Lawrence KS

Moving the Mathematics Achievement Needle for Struggling Learners

Mark Driscoll

Education Development Center, Inc.
Newton MA

Geometric Reasoning and Problem Solving: Keys to Success for English Language Learners

Donna Simpson

Rich Township High School District 227
Olympia Fields IL

The Will to Transform

Carol Malloy

University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill NC

Light Masters in Mathematics Leadership: Helping Students Unlock the Doors

Nanette Seago

Riverside CA

Understanding the Challenges Teachers Face in Using a Transformational Approach to Mathematical Similarity

Margaret Smith

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh PA

Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions: Helping Teachers Move Beyond "Showing and Telling"

Steven Rasmussen

Key Curriculum Press
Emeryville CA

Confronting Boredom in Mathematics Classrooms: Will Common Core State Standards Make Mathematics More Engaging?

J. Michael Shaughnessy

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Reston VA

"Focus on Mathematical Reasoning and Sense Making": New and Continuing Efforts in NCTM's Long-term Initiative on the Teaching of Secondary Mathematics

Diana Thomas

Montclair State University
Upper Montclair NJ

Sticking to Your Diet: A Mathematical Approach