2011 NCSM Annual Conference

Special Interest Sessions

Session information last updated: 3-31-2011

Special Interest Group Sessions -- Wednesday, April 13, 2011
345  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Marriott Ballroom 6GeneralTeaching & Learning

NCSM/NCTM Special Interest Group Session: Understanding the Influence of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics: What Do We Need to Know and When Do We Need to Know It?
The Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) were released in June 2010, billed as a set of "fewer, clearer, and higher standards" that would be appropriate for all students. The idea is that having common standards across states, with explicit connections across the grades in terms of both mathematics content and mathematical practices, will add focus and coherence to mathematics education across the United States. There are lots of views about the likely impact of the CCSSM, ranging from unbridled optimism about a fully aligned system, to skepticism that any changes will be meaningful ones, to predictions of dire outcomes, e.g., that teachers will not be able to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of their particular students. This presentation will describe a project that is underway to develop a research agenda for tracking the influence of the CCSSM over time, including: (1) describing the extent to which the mathematics education system is changing consistent with the CCSSM; and (2) assessing the extent to which the alignment/lack of alignment is having positive and negative impacts on teaching and learning.


Lead Speaker: Iris Weiss

346  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
JW Marriott: 103General

Special Interest Group: Enhance Students' Problem Solving Skills Using the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS)
MOEMS contest problems will deepen students' and teachers' mathematical thinking. Discussion will center on the benefits of pursuing "outside-the-box" problem solving for all students, while demonstrating how using these problems will ensure greater mathematical success for all students.


Lead Speaker: Nicholas Restivo

347  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
JW Marriott: 101-102General

Special Interest Group: Toward Pedagogies of Teaching for Social Justice
The Benjamin Banneker Association embraces theories and frameworks that move the field of mathematics toward teaching for social justice. The purpose of the discussion is to provide practical examples supervisors and teachers can use to prepare students to use mathematics for empowerment and self-determination.


Lead Speaker: Jacqueline Leonard

348  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
JW Marriott: 104General

Special Interest Group: Walking Our Talk! NCSM PRIME Strategies for Mathematics Education Leaders to Promote and Achieve Equity
Leaders recognize mathematics teaching and learning occur when diverse students engage in mathematical tasks set in a culturally meaningful context. North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics (NASGEm) invites participants to discuss ways to use this knowledge to enhance instructional effectiveness with a focus on equity, using NCSM PRIME strategies.


Lead Speaker: James Barta

349  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Marriott Ballroom 8-9General

Special Interest Group: Lesson Study Networking: Join Practitioners, Researchers, and Leaders in Sharing Lesson Study Resources and Questions
Lesson study is growing in the United States, yet most teams lack opportunities to connect with others. This Special Interest Group is for networking—identifying common interests, challenges, and questions. Sharing resources (e.g., research lessons, research questions) is encouraged. Those new to lesson study are welcome.


Lead Speaker: Johannah Nikula
Co-Presenter: Jane Gorman

350  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Marriott Ballroom 2-3General

Special Interest Group: Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)
AMTE's focus is on the improvement of mathematics teacher education. Join us in this session for discussion of topics of mutual interest, such as mathematics specialists in the elementary grades, teacher preparation policies and practices, and K–12 mathematics education leadership development.


Lead Speaker: Nadine Bezuk
Co-Presenter: Marilyn Strutchens, AMTE President

351  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Marriott Ballroom 10General

Special Interest Group: Math 2.0: New Opportunities for Collaborative Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Internet-Based Tools
An expanding community of mathematics educators and software developers are utilizing a variety of social networking environments to share new ideas in mathematics education. Join us for a round-table discussion to find out how teachers are taking advantage of these Web 2.0 communities to enhance mathematics learning.


Lead Speaker: Ihor Charischak
Co-Presenter: David Weksler

352  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
JW Marriott: 201-202General

Special Interest Group: Emerging Leaders: Focus Question/Answer Time
After a conference filled with ideas on "Mathematics Leaders Making a Difference," this session will allow for an open discussion regarding the "how to." Collaborate with other new mathematics leaders to create a network of support.


Lead Speaker: Mona Toncheff

353  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
JW Marriott: 204-205General

Special Interest Group: Equity in Mathematics Education: TODOS
Do you teach Latino/Hispanic Students? Are you ready to share your successes and challenges with other educators? Do you want to learn more about TODOS and how you can contribute to the organization? We invite you to participate in the TODOS business meeting and dialogue to shape future discussions.


Lead Speaker: José Franco
Co-Presenter: Carol Edwards

354  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Marriott Ballroom 4General

Special Interest Group: Educational Consultants: A Networking Opportunity
Join our discussion to share expertise and strategies. Hear from others as to how they got started, and marketing techniques they may have used. This is our time to gain from our collective knowledge and support our work. This session was well attended last year—hope you will join us!


Lead Speaker: Kit Norris

355  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Marriott Ballroom 1General

Special Interest Group: Improving Student Achievement by Expanding Opportunities for Mathematically Promising Students: A New NCSM Position Paper
NCSM Position Papers are designed to provide members with support on critical issues, and support of mathematically promising students is one of the most critical. Join us at this session to discuss the draft of this new position paper, and give your input to the Special Interest Group before it is finalized.


Lead Speaker: Linda Sheffield

356  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Marriott Ballroom 7General

Special Interest Group: Urban Mathematics Leadership Network (UMLN) Forum
The UMLN is composed of mathematics directors from some of the country's largest and most influential urban districts. UMLN invites leaders from urban districts to join this open forum about issues that are of particular interest, such as how to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.


Lead Speaker: Brian Newsom
Co-Presenter: Susan Hudson Hull