2011 NCSM Annual Conference

Technology Showcase Sessions

Session information last updated: 3-31-2011

Technology Showcase -- Monday, April 11, 2011
115  9:30 AM to
10:30 AM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

Didax Education Technology Showcase: Improve Mathematics Instruction with Kathy Richardson's Formative Assessment
Learn more about the power of early assessment and how it can impact instruction to improve student learning. Participants will get hands-on experience using AMC Web, the web-based version of Richardson's Assessing Math Concepts. Learn how to use assessment results to provide targeted instruction. (Primary PK–2)


Lead Speaker: Kathy Richardson

131  10:45 AM to
11:45 AM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

Math Solutions Technology Showcase: Face-to-Face vs. Online Professional Development? Do Both! The Power of the Blended Model
Blended programs can yield higher performance due to the more frequent interactions between educators and coaches. These models combine face-to-face sessions with online follow-ups giving teachers opportunities to get timely, expert, and peer advice on current instructional issues and topics. (General)


Lead Speaker: Carolyn Felux
Co-Presenter: Marji Freeman

144  12:15 PM to
1:15 PM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

Carnegie Learning, Inc. Technology Showcase: Launch of the Carnegie Learning® Mathematics Series Featuring Personalized Middle School Mathematics Instruction
Experience the new Carnegie Learning® Mathematics Series, whose research-based instruction is framed within real-world contexts using humor and interesting topics. Learn how our software personalizes mathematics instruction to better engage and motivate students, and helps them master mathematics concepts and skills. (Middle 6–8)


Lead Speaker: Steve Ritter

160  1:30 PM to
2:30 PM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

ExploreLearning Technology Showcase: Using Online Simulations to Improve Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics
Designed for grades 3–12, Gizmos help you take advantage of research-proven instructional strategies that help students develop conceptual understanding. With Gizmos, you can enhance instruction with interactive visualizations of mathematics concepts. Attendees will receive a free 45-day trial of Gizmos. (Grades 3–12)


Lead Speaker: Thom O'Brien

171  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

ORIGO Education, Inc. Technology Showcase: Facilitating Teachers' Professional Learning Through Online Resources
Mathedology is a web-based professional learning resource that empowers teachers with professional learning, both when and where they need it—anytime, anywhere! Come and see how Mathedology, and other exciting online resources by ORIGO Education, can be used to inspire and educate teachers. (PK–8)


Lead Speaker: Rob Nickerson
Co-Presenter: James Burnett

188  4:00 PM to
5:00 PM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

Agile Mind Technology Showcase: Using Technology for Student Success in 6–12 Mathematics
The Dana Center and Agile Mind have developed online materials that help teachers engage, motivate, and teach students important mathematics concepts. Participants will learn how the materials support both the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice and for Mathematical Content. (Middle 6–8, Secondary 9–12)


Lead Speaker: Kathi Cook
Co-Presenter: Susan Hudson Hull
Co-Presenter: Gregg McFarland

Technology Showcase -- Tuesday, April 12, 2011
212  8:45 AM to
9:45 AM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

Texas Instruments Technology Showcase: TI-Nspire Fosters an Interactive Mathematics Instruction and Assessment Experience with the TI-Nspire Navigator and an Interactive Whiteboard
See how the TI-Nspire Navigator is used with interactive whiteboards for formative assessment or review/preparation for high-stakes tests. Hear about inquiry learning resources from NASA, TI, and publishers focused on improving instruction of middle school and high school mathematics topics. (Grades 7-12 )


Lead Speaker: Sean Bird

229  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

Math Teachers Press, Inc. Technology Showcase: Using Moving with Math Web-Based Assessment to Improve Achievement and Differentiate Instruction for Response to Intervention (RtI)
Participants will access the Moving with Math Web-Based Assessment to learn how easy our summative and formative reports make it to interpret data to improve instructional quality, differentiate instruction, monitor progress, and provide accountability. Reports include state and national standards. (Grades 3–8)


Lead Speaker: Caryl Pierson
Co-Presenter: Amy Johnson

245  11:15 AM to
12:15 AM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

CASIO AMERICA, INC. Technology Showcase: Transforming Student Perspectives Through Color!
PRIZM fosters deeper understanding of concepts via a brilliant 65,000 color high-resolution display. Natural Symbolic & Graphical Display removes any technological barriers to learning, while Picture Plot allows students to use real-life pictures for true inquiry-based learning. Receive a PRIZM & emulator software! (General)


Lead Speaker: Mike Reiners
Co-Presenter: John Diehl

257  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM
Marriott Downtown: Lincoln

Scholastic Inc. Technology Showcase: Using Adaptive Technology to Target Fluency and Facility with Math Facts, Fractions, and Decimals
A student's career-readiness is influenced early in their learning. If students haven't mastered the critical foundations for algebra, it impacts their potential for success. Learn how to target struggling students and effectively differentiate instruction using adaptive technology. (Grades 3–8)


Lead Speaker: Jaclyn Ruszala
Co-Presenter: Diane Glass