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Spotlight on NCSM's Newest Publication

NCSM will launch its newest publication, It's TIME: Themes and Imperatives for Mathematics Education: A Leadership Framework for Common Core Mathematics, at the annual meeting in New Orleans April 2014. Everyone who registers will receive a copy in the NCSM bag at the registration desk. Don't miss this tremendous new leadership resource.

Something New This Year!

A number of sessions will host open NCSM committee meetings. For example you will have the chance to meet with the It's TIME committee, Web Communications Committee, Communications Committee, NCSM Membership and Marketing Committee, and Coaching Corner Committee. You can drop in to find out what is going on with new projects, how you can participate or just to provide input and ideas for the next year. There are multiple projects underway: such as Situations, New Videos (what are we calling them), Formative Assessment project and the extension of PRIME with the new project It's TIME. NCSM has ordered the second edition of the Great Tasks and will have copies for purchase to use with your teachers.

Developing and Supporting Coaches, Specialists, and Teacher Leaders

Calling All Coaches: Right after the opening session Monday morning we have a special kick-off to celebrate coaches. As a part of that celebration, you will receive a list of sessions that will highlight skills or techniques useful in coaching situations. You will have the opportunity to network with other coaches and provide input on how NCSM can support coaches and other classroom leaders. Tell us how the committee can provide help to you through our evolving for Coaches Corner. We have additional surprises in store for you. Don't miss this session at NCSM's Annual Meeting in New Orleans to help you jazz up your teachers' and students' learning.

Networking and Round Table Discussions

There are so many members of NCSM that have a wealth of experience and information to share. We want to provide you the chance to sit down and have a conversation with others about an issue or topic you are interested in discussing. Some will be major speakers while others will be leaders with special expertise. What an exciting chance to communicate directly with an expert. The discussions will take place near the Sponsor Display area on Monday and Tuesday. Check your program for the exact time, speakers, and topics

First-Timer's Sessions

Two opportunities are provided to give an orientation for New Participants to the NCSM Annual Conference. Come before the Opening Session or at the end of the day on Monday. This session will support leaders new to NCSM to jazz up your mathematics leadership and build your system to trumpet achievement. Special gifts will be provided for new conference attendees at the First-Timer's sessions.

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