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Sponsor Showcase -- Monday, April 7, 2014
116  9:30 AM to
10:30 AM
RosedownSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

Do Taller Sprinters Have an Unfair Advantage? What Are the Odds of Finding Life on Other Planets? Are Vampires Real? How Does Health Insurance Work?
Mathalicious lessons and projects explore questions like these using CCSS-aligned mathematics for middle and high school. Mathematics class could be the most interesting and relevant part the school day-and Mathalicious is on a mission to help teachers make that a reality! In this session, you'll see snippets of both middle and high school lessons modeled by the founder of Mathalicious!


Lead Speaker: Karim Ani
Co-Presenter: Ginny Stuckey

131  10:45 AM to
11:45 AM
RosedownGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 1

Using Questioning Strategies and Dry Erase Boards Effectively as a Formative Assessment Practice: Positively Impacting Student Participation, Engagement and Achievement
Presenters will model effective questioning strategies and engaging, participatory use of dry erase boards to demonstrate how to positively impact student engagement and achievement. Speakers will suggest a variety of ways to utilize dry erase boards to build increased understanding of essential concepts, and they will demonstrate ways to tie effective questioning strategies to the use of the dry erase boards, resulting in student responses that can inform instruction and identify needs for remediation. Attendees will be actively engaged in problem solving and ways to build increased understanding of essential mathematics concepts. Attendees will receive dry erase boards, erasers, and markers, and they will also be given a special discount code to greatly reduce the cost of ordering dry erase boards. The discount code can be utilized by all building administrators and teachers throughout their districts. Come engage in effective instructional techniques to help your students increase achievement. You will gain an understanding of effective techniques that can greatly reduce the performance gap in your schools.


Lead Speaker: Donna Knoell
Co-Presenter: Dan Wilson

146  12:15 PM to
1:15 PM
RosedownGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

Instructional Strategies for Implementing the Common Core State Standards
When it comes down to implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), how will our classroom practices change? How will they affect what students are doing? How will we make the CCSS a reality in our classrooms? In this session, you will learn hands-on, practical strategies for engaging your students in the Standards for Mathematical Practice using technology.


Lead Speaker: Katie England

162  1:30 PM to
2:30 PM
RosedownSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

What's New in the Hands-On Standards Family?
Learn about two new additions to the Hands-On Standards family of instructional resources. ETA hand2mind has partnered with Purdue University to publish Hands-On Standards STEM in Action, a collection of integrated STEM modules supporting teachers and students PK-5. In addition, following the success of our Hands-On Standards Fraction modules, we are developing a series of modules supporting Counting & Cardinality, Operations & Algebraic Thinking, and Number & Operations in Base Ten for grades K-5. Both HOS STEM in Action and HOS Number emphasize hands-on strategies for teaching standards in a way that builds conceptual understanding. Join us to see sample lessons and activities from both programs.


Lead Speaker: Sara Moore

178  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM
RosedownGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 5

Mathematical Habits of Mind and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice
The Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice comprise a vision of the mathematical habits of mind we want students and teachers to develop. How can we help teachers and students develop these powerful habits of thinking, reasoning, sense-making, and problem solving? (Based on messages from new book: Smarter Than We Think.)


Lead Speaker: Cathy Seeley

193  4:00 PM to
5:00 PM
RosedownGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 1

Creating Growth Trajectories with Quantile Measures from Scholastic Math Inventory
Setting student growth goals is a precise and individualized task that, when thoughtfully implemented, can unify a school's conversation about mathematics achievement. In this session, new research about setting mathematics growth goals with Scholastic Math Inventory data will help educators sharpen their efforts to predict growth and forecast outcomes. Attendees will participate in a discussion about student growth as it relates to evaluating program effectiveness and to forecasting spring outcomes. Participants will learn about the value of setting individual, rather than group, goals. They will learn ways to interpret growth and how to set multi-year growth goals for individual students in preparation for college and career readiness. This session will help educators set rigorous yet obtainable goals in mathematics for all students in grades 2-9. With a focus on helping students meet the objective-a quantitative standard of tracking to college and career readiness-this session will interpret growth in the context of the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, a research-based measurement tool. By designing individual growth trajectories, participants will understand the intensity of services needed to drive higher mathematics achievement.


Lead Speaker: Jan Scott

Sponsor Showcase -- Tuesday, April 8, 2014
214  8:45 AM to
9:45 AM
RosedownSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

Hands-On Geometry
Participants will have an opportunity to explore geometry using hands-on manipulatives that encourage children to discover concepts and facts independently.


Lead Speaker: Kevin Simms

228  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
MagnoliaGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

Introducing PearsonRealize
Pearson's online destination for Common Core State Standards curriculum, flexible management tools, and embedded assessments. Learn about this new online learning management system and how to register for a review account.


Lead Speaker: Dave Ware

230  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
RosedownSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

Probability Simulation in the Palm of Your Hands
Take a look at our latest application that allows for Probability Experimentation in a flexible, streamlined environment. See how technology employed appropriately can enhance understanding and assist us in reaching the Common Core State Standards. All in attendance will receive our color fx-CG10 Casio Prizm graphing calculator.


Lead Speaker: Mike Reiners

247  11:15 AM to
12:15 PM
RosedownGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

STEM Contexts: Authentic Applications of Mathematics That Engage and Inspire Continued Learning
Please join us as we share how a unique partnership with Stanford University is yielding significant advances in personalized learning. President Matthew Mugo Fields (Co-Founder of Rocket Group-a mission-driven suite of companies that have served over 250,000 students world-wide), Vice President of Curriculum Janet Pittock (renowned speaker, author, and publisher), and Dr. Rafe Mazzeo (Co-founder, Stanford University Math Camp) will showcase how to harness the power of technology, research, and innovation to help young minds achieve their ultimate potential. Aligned to NCSM Program Strand: #3 STEM & Career/College Readiness. The focus is on increased attention to career and college readiness in the Common Core State Standards as related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Consider the responsibilities of administrators and teachers in their efforts to work collaboratively with the school community to increase support for STEM-related courses and preparation for the future of today's learners.


Lead Speaker: Matthew Mugo Fields
Co-Presenter: Janet Pittock
Co-Presenter: Rafe Mazzeo

Sponsor Showcase -- Wednesday, April 9, 2014
314  8:45 AM to
9:45 AM
RosedownSponsor ShowcaseStrand 1

Improving Mathematics Intervention: How Individualized Learning Paths and Analytics Can Improve Student Outcomes
Approximately 75% of U.S. students are not proficient in mathematics by the time they complete 8th grade. Teachers are faced with the challenge of identifying and remediating individual students' weaknesses while keeping all students engaged. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is partnering with Knewton to deliver Personal Math Trainer Powered by Knewton, a personalized learning solution that will address this difficulty head on. Personal Math Trainer Powered by Knewton will determine each student's unique strengths, weaknesses, learning preferences, and pace in order to provide real-time recommendations. Teachers will receive concept-level analytics to see which students need help, in what areas, right now. This session will explore the benefits of adaptive learning for mathematics intervention, focusing on how personalized course trajectories can improve learning outcomes. Discussion will center around best practices for the effective use of teacher reporting to address student needs in K-8 mathematics classrooms.


Lead Speaker: Caitlin Gutman

330  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
RosedownGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

Developing Conceptual Understanding Through the Progressions: Fractions, Ratios, and Proportions
Are you trying to help teachers make sense of teaching the Common Core State Standards as a progression of concepts versus isolated sets of topics? See how technology can be used to address the shifts in the standards starting with the Fractions Progression in elementary grades through the Ratio and Proportions Progression in middle grades. Learn more about how you can support your teachers through curriculum content and professional development that helps teachers build the foundation for a deeper understanding of mathematics.


Lead Speaker: Jennifer Wilson

361  2:30 PM to
3:30 PM
RosedownGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

Numbers Bee - Improving Numeracy in K-12
Numbers Bee is an online math game for K-12 students designed to promote numeracy and build confidence in their math skills through practice, individual advancement and competition among peers. For every 100 minutes of Numbers Bee play, students' DCAS Math Test Scores improved 12.8 points. It can be played on Windows and Mac OS computers, smartphone, tablets and iPads. Opportunity for hands-on play will be provided with five tablets. You can bring your own devices (BYOD) as well.


Lead Speaker: Sakthi Vel
Co-Presenter: Kamatchi Vel

377  3:45 PM to
4:45 PM
RosedownGeneralSponsor ShowcaseStrand 4

Teaching Without Telling: Interactive Software Designed for the Common Core


Lead Speaker: Erich Zeller

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