2015 NCSM Annual Conference

Invitation to Join Us

Meet Us in Boston for our 47th Annual Conference!

Boston is the place to be April 2015 where you can join others and focus on renewing your enthusiasm for mathematics as we focus on the needs for mathematics leaders.

Take this opportunity to enlarge your network of colleagues who can assist you in building and supporting your local mathematics program and to meet new friends who share your interests and love of mathematics education. Become part of NCSM, the mathematics leadership organization for educational leaders that provides professional learning opportunities to support and sustain improved student achievement. As leaders in mathematics education, we are charged with supporting teachers to provide all students access to a high-quality mathematics program.

Strands for the 2015 NCSM Annual Conference

  1. Leading instruction to leverage the Mathematics Practices for increased achievement: The focus will be on how leaders can help increase student achievement by facilitating teachers' implementation of the mathematical practices in their classrooms.
  2. Examining the opportunities and challenges of using technology to support teaching and learning mathematics: The focus will be on examples and suggestions of technology uses that successfully support student learning and/or challenges that accompany technology use and how they might be overcome: more than simply how to use the technological tool.
  3. Advancing formative assessment as an integral tool for understanding student thinking and guiding instruction: This strand will focus on how to use assessment as an integral tool for improved instruction.
  4. Exploring strategies and tools for mathematics leaders and coaches to support mathematics learning: This strand will focus on successful approaches to help new and veteran leaders increase student learning and understanding.
  5. Shifting practices to effectively implement the Common Core State Standards: Equity for all learners with focus, rigor, and depth: This strand will include equity topics with a specific interest in the shifts suggested by the Common Core State Standards. Even if your state is not participating in CCSS, there are components of the shifts that are important for improving student learning.

NCSM is continuing its collaboration with the NCTM Research Advisory Committee to provide joint sessions of interest to both practitioners and researchers. Selected sessions are open to registered attendees at both the NCSM Annual Conference and the NCTM Research Pre-session on Wednesday at no additional charge.

As mathematics education leaders, it is our responsibility to continuously work to improve our own professional practice so that we can better support and lead others. Our 47th NCSM Annual Conference is designed to provide a shared learning and leading experience that will motivate, educate, and "recharge" each of us as mathematics leaders as we ensure that the adults we lead are guiding our students on the way to success in mathematics. The Annual Conference also provides a unique opportunity to network with national and international colleagues around issues of mathematics education leadership.

We hope you will join us for another wonderful NCSM Annual Conference!


Valerie Mills

Dianne DeMille
Conference Coordinator

Connie Schrock
Program Chair

Beverly Kimes
Program Assistant & Volunteer Chair
Anne Collins
Local Arrangements Chair