2015 NCSM Annual Conference

Special Interest Sessions

Session information last updated: 4-1-2015

Special Interest Group Sessions -- Wednesday, Wednesday, April 15
370  3:30 PM to
4:30 PM
156 AGeneralSpecial Interest GroupExploring strategies and tools for mathematics leaders and coaches to support mathematics learning

International Perspectives on Supporting Mathematics Teaching and Learning
What can U.S. mathematics leaders learn from educators in other countries? What do educational leaders in the U.S. have to offer other countries? These are questions explored by the U.S. National Commission on Math Instruction. This session will introduce members of NCSM to the work of USNCMI and share key findings and insights from its activities.


Lead Speaker: Janine Remillard
Co-Presenter: Gail Burrill
Co-Presenter: Padmanabhan Seshaiyer

371  3:30 PM to
5:00 PM
156 CGeneralSpecial Interest GroupShifting practices to effectively implement the Common Core State Standards: Equity for all learners with focus, rigor, and depth

TODOS: Mathematics for ALL- Focusing on the Mathematics Education of Latina/o Students and Other Underrepresented Groups
TODOS members and others interested in equity and excellence in mathematics education for ALL students are invited to attend this TODOS annual meeting. We will review accomplishments, recognize sponsors/outgoing Board/committee members, present the Iris Carl Award, present student awards, and gather input to move TODOS forward in STEM education.


Lead Speaker: Susie Hakansson

372  3:30 PM to
4:30 PM
157 AGeneralSpecial Interest GroupExamining the opportunities and challenges of using technology to support teaching and learning mathematics

Online Collaborative Technology (Social Media) in the Mathematics Classroom - moving forward
New Internet-based communication technologies have led to unparalleled opportunity for students, teachers, teacher-educators, even administrators to share knowledge, ask for collaboration, highlight best practices and more.


Lead Speaker: Ihor Charischak
Co-Presenter: David Weksler

374  3:30 PM to
4:30 PM
153 BGeneralSpecial Interest GroupExploring strategies and tools for mathematics leaders and coaches to support mathematics learning

Mathematics Teaching and Learning: What's Happening in AMTE and How Can AMTE Support Your Work with Teachers?
The Association of Mathematics Teachers Educators' (AMTE) focus is on improvement of mathematics teacher education across the professional continuum (pre-service and in-service). Join us to learn more how AMTE can support mathematics learning; discussion will focus on AMTE resources, including formative assessment and the AMTE Webinar Series.


Lead Speaker: Tim Hendrix
Co-Presenter: Christine Thomas
Co-Presenter: Fran Arbaugh