Speaker Handouts

Monday Sessions: 4/23/2012

Session 104
Classroom Challenges: Making Formative Assessment a Reality by Hugh Burkhardt

Tuesday Sessions: 4/24/2012

Session 202
Assessment and Curriculum in the Common Core State Standards Era by Mary Kay Stein

Wednesday Sessions: 4/25/2012

Session 315
Essential Knowledge, Strategies, and Resources That Enable School Administrators to Be Effective Mathematics Instructional Leaders by Diane Briars

Session 328
Rowing with Both Oars: Engaging All Students to Raise Mathematics Achievement by Sendhil Revuluri (with Annie Pestro, Stephen Drent, Michael Rouse, and Jo Maietta)

Session 329
Panel: The PARCC and SBAC Assessments-Determining Evidence of Student Proficiency by Doug Svode

Session 339
Principals and Mathematics Specialists Embark on a Revolutionary Journey by Bill Haver, Vickie Inge, Vandi Hodges

Session 347
The PARCC Assessment Consortia - Making Student Learning Visible by Doug Sovde, Carrie Piper

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