On behalf of the NCSM Board and the Philadelphia Conference Committee, we invite you to "Lead the Way" and join us at our Annual Conference, April 23-25, 2012.

As the theme - Life, Liberty, and Mathematics for All: NCSM Leads the Way - suggests, our 44th NCSM Annual Conference is designed to provide you with a rich professional development experience that meets your personal leadership needs. It features an exciting mix of over 200 sessions by a variety of speakers - mathematics education leaders as well as individuals from outside of mathematics education, including first-time speakers, veterans, and perennial favorites - who will address current issues related to equity and access; leadership of curriculum, teaching and learning; and assessment. A major focus of this year's conference is the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and education issues surrounding assessment, including implications of new technology developments for our work as mathematics education leaders. A second major focus is the importance of teacher leaders, mathematics coaches, and elementary mathematics specialists, and the work they do to support and encourage teachers for education reform.

Conference content strands include Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap: Implementing the Common Core State Standards; ALL Means ALL: Promoting Equity in Mathematics Education; Mathematics Leaders Translate Vision to Practice: Developing and Supporting Coaches, Specialists, and Teacher Leaders; Making Mathematics Learning Visible: Implementing Formative and Summative Assessments to Support Student Learning; and Leadership to Enhance Mathematics Teaching and Learning for All: Helping administrators and other leaders support high quality mathematics instruction. These strands address the key challenges confronting us as mathematics education leaders. Sessions on interpreting and implementing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics are woven into each of these major strands. The program also features sessions that highlight how leaders have used the NCSM PRIME Leadership Framework as a tool at school, district, state, and provincial levels to change adult practice and increase student achievement.

NCSM is continuing its collaboration with the NCTM Research Advisory Committee to provide joint sessions of interest to both practitioners and researchers. Selected sessions are open to registered attendees at both the NCSM Annual Conference and the NCTM Research Pre-session at no additional charge. In addition, NCSM's Wednesday program features sessions of special interest to emerging mathematics education leaders.

As mathematics education leaders, it is our responsibility to continuously work to improve our own professional practice so that we can better support and lead others. Our 44th NCSM Annual Conference is designed to provide a shared learning and leading experience that will motivate, educate, and "recharge" each of us as mathematics leaders as we ensure that the adults we lead are guiding our students on the way to success in mathematics. The Conference also provides a unique opportunity to network with national and international colleagues around issues of mathematics education leadership.

We hope you will join us for another wonderful NCSM Annual Conference!


Suzanne Mitchell

Cathy Carroll
Conference Coordinator

Denise M. Walston
Program Chair
Diana G. Kendrick
Volunteer Recruitment & Management Chair
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