Keynote and Major Session Speakers

Distinguished speakers will be featured throughout the conference. Each will address important issues in mathematics education and leadership. Each of the celebrated speakers below will present a plenary session during the three-day conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Freeman A. Hrabowski, III

2012 Keynote Speaker
Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
President, University of Maryland
Baltimore County

"Mathematics Education for the 21st Century: Creating a Culture of Success for All"

Major Speakers

Deborah Loewenberg Ball
Practicing the Common Core: What is the Work of Teaching?

Virginia Bastable, Deborah Schifter, and Susan Jo Russell
Implementing the Common Core as Constellations of Content and Practice Standards

Robert Q. Berry, III
Using a Research Observational Measure for Professional Development in Mathematics Instructional Quality.

Hugh Burkhardt
Classroom Challenges: making formative assessment a reality

Marilyn Burns
Lessons Learned from Interviewing Students

Francis "Skip" Fennell
So, You're a Mathematics Instructional Leader, Specialist or Coach? What's That All About Anyway?

David Foster
Common Core State Standards in Mathematics - What Will It Look Like in the Classroom and How Will Students Be Assessed?

William Haver, Vickie Inge, and Vandi Hodges
Principals and Mathematics Specialists Embark on a Revolutionary Journey

Timothy Kanold
Leadership Discipline: Removing Barriers and Sustaining a Coherent Effort to Translate Vision to Practice!

William McCallum
Supporting the Implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics

Suzanne Mitchell
Making Mathematics Visible by Transforming Teacher Practice.

Mary Kay Stein
Assessment and Curriculum in the Common Core State Standard Era

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