The theme of the 2012 NCSM Annual Conference is:

"Life, Liberty, and Mathematics for All: NCSM Leads the Way"

Conference Program Strand Descriptions

The five strands to be featured at this exciting and educational NCSM Annual Conference are:

  1. Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap: Implementing the Common Core State Standards-This strand focuses on important leadership issues related to the Common Core State Standards. Sessions will support leaders in understanding the standards and developing strategies to support implementation.
  2. ALL Means ALL: Promoting Equity in Mathematics Education-The focus of this strand is on structures that become institutionalized and part of the fabric of a district or state to embrace equity for all. How are we making it actionable?
  3. Mathematics Leaders Translate Vision to Practice: Developing and Supporting Coaches, Specialists, and Teacher Leaders-This strand focuses on mathematics coaches, specialists, teacher leaders, and PD providers, and the work they do to support and encourage teachers for education reform in enhancing mathematics teaching and learning in their classrooms.
  4. Making Mathematics Learning Visible: Implementing Formative and Summative Assessments to Support Student Learning-This strand focuses on strategies leaders can share with teachers to ensure accurate monitoring of student learning and adjustment of teacher instruction for every student on an ongoing basis.
  5. Leadership to Enhance Mathematics Teaching and Learning for All: Helping administrators and other leaders support high quality mathematics instruction-This strand supports the work of mathematics instructional leaders-focusing on strategies for enhancing the mathematics instruction in the classroom, as well as on strategies for communicating about important mathematics education issues with parents and other stakeholders.
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