2010 NCSM Annual Conference

Special Interest Sessions

Session information last updated: 4-16-2010

Special Interest Group Sessions -- Wednesday, April 21, 2010
342  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Manchester GHI

Many Roads: Mathematics Model Pathways and the Common Core State Standards
Achieve, Inc and a diverse advisory group drafted model course descriptions to illustrate pathways leading to college and career readiness and readiness for STEM majors and careers. Attendees at this session will learn more about the pathways and have the chance to discuss with two panel members.


Lead Speaker: Laura Slover
Co-Presenter: Brad Findell

343  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Elizabeth F

Equity in Mathematics Education: TODOS
Are you looking for assistance and support in making your mathematics instruction accessible to all kids, in particular Latino/Hispanic students? Do you want to learn with us and about us? We invite you to participate in the TODOS business meeting and dialogue in shaping future discussions.


Lead Speaker: Nora Ramirez
Co-Presenter: Jose Franco

344  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Elizabeth H

Urban Mathematics Leadership Network Forum
The Urban Mathematics Leadership Network (UMLN) is composed of the mathematics directors and other mathematics leaders from 21 large urban school districts. UMLN invites leaders from urban districts to join this open, participatory forum about issues that are of particular interest to mathematics leaders and teachers in urban school districts.


Lead Speaker: Martin Gartzman
Co-Presenter: Susan Hull

345  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Molly AB

Nuances and Complexities of Teaching Mathematics for Cultural Relevance and Social Justice
Attention has been given to underrepresentation of minority students in the mathematics pipeline. However, little consideration has been given to these students as learners or the context where their learning occurs. We argue that culturally relevant instruction coupled with teaching for social justice can motivate minority students to learn mathematics.


Lead Speaker: Jacqueline Leonard
Co-Presenter: Roni Ellington
Co-Presenter: Lorraine Howard

346  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Elizabeth AB

Leading Mathematics Education of Marginalized Students: Debunking Stereotypes, Teaching Measurement, Applying the CREDE Model and Ethnomathematics with Native American Learners
North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics (NASGEm) presents Richard Sgarlotti and California Tribal members for the 11th Reunion, emphasizing contextualization of mathematics applying work from Berkeley's Center for Research in Education, Diversity & Excellence. Hands-on, conceptually based activities show Native American measurement knowledge, thus debunking stereotypes of nonexistent measurement systems.


Lead Speaker: Fredrick "Rick" Silverman
Co-Presenter: Richard Sgarlotti

347  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Edward CD

Improving Mathematics Education for Students with Special Needs
Is your school district grappling with how to improve mathematics learning for students with disabilities? Share your strategies and challenges with mathematics leaders from other districts. Discuss common themes and gain new perspectives and resources on ways to address this pressing need. Join us!


Lead Speaker: Fred Gross
Co-Presenter: Amy Brodesky
Co-Presenter: Emily Fagan

348  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Madeleine AB

Educational Consultants: A Networking Opportunity
Join our discussion to share expertise and strategies. Hear from others as to how they got started and marketing techniques they may have used. This is our time to gain from our collective knowledge and support our work. Come and join the discussion.


Lead Speaker: Kit Norris

349  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM

Mathematics Content Coaching
Coaching in the mathematics content area continues to spread to schools and districts in the United States. Although the term math coach is often used, the roles, duties, and vision for the position vary greatly. We welcome interested participants the opportunity to share findings, exchange knowledge, and explore challenges.


Lead Speaker: David Foster

350  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM

Lessons Learned from Experiments in Mathematics Education in Our Charter Schools
One purpose of Charter Schools is to create incubators where new ideas are implemented and lessons learned shared. We welcome teachers, administrators, and others to share how they have worked to improve student achievement and to consider how to partner with organizations like NCSM in sharing results with the education community.


Lead Speaker: Louis Tamler

351  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Windsor BC

Math 2.0: A New Vision for Using Dynamic Math Software with Web 2.0 Tools
The Internet, Web 2.0, and dynamic math software make possible new venues for teaching and learning math that incorporate powerful ways of collaborating, exploring, and sharing of ideas. This session will highlight some examples of how this next generation of math education is happening now.


Lead Speaker: Ihor Charischak
Co-Presenter: David Weksler

352  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Elizabeth G

Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)
AMTE's focus is on the improvement of mathematics teacher education. Join us in this session for a discussion of important and timely topics of mutual interest, such as mathematics specialists in the elementary grades, teacher preparation policies and practices, and K-12 mathematics education leadership development.


Lead Speaker: Nadine Bezuk
Co-Presenter: Barbara Reys

353  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Randle A

Emerging Leaders: Focus Question/Answer Time
After a day of learning about how to transform into a PRIME Leader, this session will allow for an open discussion regarding the "how to". Collaborate with other new mathematics leaders to create a network of support.


Lead Speaker: Mona Toncheff

354  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Randle B

Lesson Study Networking: An Opportunity for Practitioners, Researchers, and Leaders to Share Lesson Study Resources, Findings and Questions
Lesson study is growing rapidly in the U.S., yet most teams have few opportunities to share work with others. This SIG is a chance to meet and identify common interests and challenges. Share resources: bring a poster, lesson plan, research question, etc. Those new to lesson study are welcome.


Lead Speaker: Jane Gorman

355  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Randle E

Math Contests Build Better Students — and Teachers
Good contests offer a four-pronged approach: rich problems that deepen mathematical thinking and improve high-stakes test scores, a monthly series of contests that build and reinforce student (and teacher!) interest and knowledge, an inclusive structure that welcomes many students, and multiple strategies for many problems that foster creativity.


Lead Speaker: Richard Kalman

356  2:45 PM to
4:00 PM
Randle D

Nurturing Mathematically Promising and Creative Students
Research shows that our most promising mathematics students frequently make the least academic progress. Come join us for diverse and active roundtables on research, curriculum, the "Common Core State Standards", and NCTM's new book, "The Peak in the Middle". Together we can make a difference for these promising students.


Lead Speaker: Linda Sheffield
Co-Presenter: M. Katherine Gavin