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Strand 2 Sessions -- Monday, April 19, 2010
Strand 2: Charting a Course to Curriculum Leadership

130  12:00 PM to
2:00 PM
Elizabeth GGeneralCurriculum Leadership

The Power of Articulation Through a Mathematics Vertical Team
What would it take to build a program so strong and inviting that a large percentage—perhaps even every student—could be prepared to successfully complete challenging courses such as Statistics or Calculus before leaving high school? A Mathematics Vertical Team could be your answer! Come and see!


Lead Speaker: Lori Hamada

139  12:15 PM to
1:15 PM
Elizabeth ABGeneralCurriculum Leadership

The Shape of Geometry and the Geometry of Shape
Transformations, coordinate geometry, calculator and computer graphics, and increased attention to applications have all caused, without fanfare, changes in how we look at the shapes of figures. This talk discusses the changes in school geometry in grades 3-12 over the past half century from the standpoint of the concept of shape.


Lead Speaker: Zalman Usiskin

153  1:30 PM to
2:30 PM
Elizabeth FPrimary
(PK - 2)
Curriculum Leadership

Success in Mathematics Starts at PK
San Diego Unified School District is helping PK teachers learn how to create a supportive learning environment and provide appropriate instruction as they help children make sense of the world of mathematics, with help from the Math Perspectives Teacher Development Center.


Lead Speaker: Kathy Richardson
Co-Presenter: Carol Berridge
Co-Presenter: Mary Euretig
Co-Presenter: Gilda Porras

159  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM
MohsenGeneralCurriculum Leadership

Lessons from Singapore: The Professional Development Required to Implement a World Class Curriculum
The effectiveness of the Singapore math curriculum and of visual models in teaching number sense, operations, and problem solving are well recognized. This workshop will describe, through video and student work, the challenges in bringing this curriculum to the United States.


Lead Speaker: Andy Clark

161  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM
Elizabeth FMiddle
(6 - 8)
Curriculum Leadership

Planning to Teach—Unpacking the Mathematics in a Problem-centered Curricula
This talk will discuss the challenges that teachers face when trying to unpack the mathematics embedded in a sequence of problems in a problem-centered curriculum. Both the mathematical and pedagogical background of teachers plays central roles in these efforts.


Lead Speaker: Elizabeth Phillips
Co-Presenter: Glenda Lappan

Strand 2 Sessions -- Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Strand 2: Charting a Course to Curriculum Leadership

208  8:45 AM to
9:45 AM
Madeleine ABSecondary
(9 - 12)
Curriculum Leadership

Promoting Reasoning and Sensemaking in High School Curriculum
A brief overview of the Focus in High School Mathematics document will be given by members of the writing group. A series of discussion questions will then be posed, covering different areas of impact; and small groups will discuss the questions, with a brief report back at the end.


Lead Speaker: Gary Martin
Co-Presenter: Judith Quander

215  8:45 AM to
10:15 AM
Randle AIntermediate
(3 - 5)
Curriculum Leadership

A Menu of Strategies: Building Flexible Thinking into the Curriculum
This session focuses on the role of flexible computation strategies in a K-5 mathematics curriculum. Specific areas of discussion will include the interplay between conceptual models and numerical algorithms, the teaching of varied strategies to meet individual student's needs, and the balance between invented and learned strategies.


Lead Speaker: Timothy Stoelinga
Co-Presenter: Georganne Marsh

224  10:15 AM to
11:15 AM
(3 - 5)
Curriculum Leadership

Developing a Singapore Math Curriculum: From Theory to Practice
The latest TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) results show Singapore students performing very well at Grade 4 Math. This presentation shows a Singapore math program based on theory to practice and its uniqueness in teaching math. The talk will substantiate with examples and video clips how to help students master math.


Lead Speaker: Ho-Kheong Fong
Co-Presenter: Lim Soke Hwee

228  10:30 AM to
12:00 PM
Windsor BCGeneralCurriculum Leadership

Implementing Curriculum: What It Takes
Selecting a curriculum is only a part of what districts need to consider when they examine how to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. We will describe and discuss the many factors and components of implementation that leadership teams need to consider as they plan for successful implementation.


Lead Speaker: Karen Economopoulos
Co-Presenter: Keith Cochran

237  2:30 PM to
4:00 PM
Randle DIntermediate
(3 - 5)
Curriculum Leadership

From Techno-Cool to Techno-Tool: Time to Chart a New Course
Technology can have a big WOW factor but not impact learning. Use NMAP-aligned guidelines to analyze instructional technology efficacy, especially for use with students of diverse backgrounds. Use research-based best practices to turbo-charge lesson design with new technology that motivates, differentiates, and develops deep mathematical understandings, building competence and confidence.


Lead Speaker: Linda Catanzaro

Strand 2 Sessions -- Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Strand 2: Charting a Course to Curriculum Leadership

316  8:45 AM to
10:15 AM
Randle BSecondary
(9 - 12)
Curriculum Leadership

Changing the Course of High School Mathematics Class rooms: More Than One Teacher at a Time
What support is needed when implementing a standards-based curriculum? Come and share our district's journey in implementing the Discovering Mathematics program. Participate in activities designed for math teacher leaders and administrators to advance their classroom instruction, improve content knowledge, and deepen their understanding of a discovering approach.


Lead Speaker: Mary Mooney
Co-Presenter: Laura Maly

321  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
Edward CDMiddle
(6 - 8)
Curriculum Leadership

Exploring Middle Grades Mathematics: Setting the Course for the Future
A rigorous, engaging middle grades mathematics curriculum can be the key to student success. In this session, participants will investigate activities from a grant designed to improve student performance on the EXPLORE assessment and prepare students for high school mathematics and beyond through the implementation of such a curriculum.


Lead Speaker: Linda Sheffield
Co-Presenter: Janet Tassell

324  10:00 AM to
11:00 AM
Elizabeth ABSecondary
(9 - 12)
Curriculum Leadership

States Moving Towards Common Core Standards
In implementing a set of common core, state-led standards in mathematics, states aim to increase the equity and access to rigorous curriculum for all students.


Lead Speaker: Laura Slover

336  11:15 AM to
12:15 PM
Elizabeth FIntermediate
(3 - 5)
Curriculum Leadership

Is Your Instructional Program Really Effective? Guidelines for Designing and Evaluating Curriculum Effectiveness Research
Educational leaders are demanding evidence of the effectiveness of school curricula. This session will provide background for this movement. A research study that meets the gold standard for curriculum research will be described. The session will end by having participants evaluate the quality of brief research reports using research-assessment guidelines.


Lead Speaker: Randall Charles
Co-Presenter: Mariam Azin

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