Strand Descriptions

The theme of the 2010 NCSM Annual Conference is: Charting a Course to Mathematics Leadership.

The 2010 program features 6 topic strands:

Strand 1. Charting a Course to Equity and Access
Addresses issues regarding helping teachers develop the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure access to meaningful mathematics and mathematics learning for every student.
Strand 2. Charting a Course to Curriculum Leadership
Focuses on leaders' work of developing teachers' knowledge and skills necessary to ensure relevant and meaningful mathematics in every lesson.
Strand 3. Charting a Course to Teaching and Learning Leadership
Addresses the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure high quality mathematics instruction that meets the needs of every student, every day.
Strand 4. Charting a Course to Assessment Leadership
Addresses monitoring of student learning and adjustment of teacher instruction for every student on a daily basis.
Strand 5. Putting PRIME into Practice
Focuses on NCSM's PRIME Leadership Framework. This document outlines adult leadership actions that ensure success for every leader, every teacher, and every student.
Strand 6. Developing Coaches - Developing Teachers
Provides models to support and encourage teachers in their efforts to enhance mathematics teaching and learning in their classrooms.
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