2010 NCSM Annual Conference

Technology Showcase Sessions

Session information last updated: 4-16-2010

Technology Showcase -- Monday, April 19, 2010
111  9:30 AM to
10:30 AM

Agile Mind Technology Showcase: Using Technology for Student Success in 6-12 Mathematics
The Dana Center and Agile Mind have partnered to develop an online teaching tool that allows teachers to guide students through interactive experiences in mathematics while delivering rigorous course content and addressing issues of student motivation and engagement. Participants will experience the tool through hands-on activities.


Lead Speaker: Kathi Cook
Co-Presenter: Susan Hull

128  10:45 AM to
11:45 AM

Didax Technology Showcase: Improve Student Performance with Kathy Richardson's K-3 Formative Assessment
Learn more about the power of early assessment and how it can impact instruction to improve student learning. Participants will get hands-on experience administering AMC anywhere, the technology component of Richardson's Assessing Math Concepts, and they will also learn how to use assessment data to impact their instruction for maximum results.


Lead Speaker: Margo Hanson
Co-Presenter: Kathy Richardson

144  12:15 PM to
1:15 PM

Texas Instruments Technology Showcase: TI's Interactive Math Classroom Fresno Site–Year Two Report and Hands-On Demonstration Lab
Hear the year two report on the Fresno Algebra Nspired lesson center site. Come learn about their successes and get a hands-on experience of TI's Interactive Mathematics Classroom featuring Algebra Nspired.


Lead Speaker: Carl Veater
Co-Presenter: Jane Gillespie

154  1:30 PM to
2:30 PM

Encyclopaedia Britanica Technology Showcase: Practice SMART! Assess SMART! Differentiate SMART! Britannica SmartMath!
Participants will engage in lively and interactive web-based practice and assessment for elementary students. Move students toward computational fluency while using tools that allow teachers to differentiate, assess, track, and evaluate in real-time. As a result, students will enjoy doing mathematics at home or in the classroom.


Lead Speaker: Paul Ridgeway
Co-Presenter: Trina Williams

164  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM

Math Solutions Technology Showcase: Introducing ePD™ Coaching
Math Solutions ePD™ Coaching is a customizable, web-based, professional development service led by Math Solutions instructors. We will demonstrate how your school or district will benefit from technology and the expertise of Math Solutions with collaborative and sustainable professional development services that address your specific problems and goals in mathematics instruction.


Lead Speaker: Paula Hidalgo
Co-Presenter: Carolyn Felux
Co-Presenter: Marji Freeman

180  4:00 PM to
5:00 PM

Key Curriculum Press Technology Showcase: Sketchpad and Elementary Math– The Key to Improving Student Learning and Engagement
Explore how Sketchpad helps teachers more effectively teach elementary mathematics by making it dynamic and engaging. Experience hands-on activities with integers, ratios, and fractions. Discover how Sketchpad allows students to create and extend their mathematical understanding through dynamic explorations. Learn how Sketchpad can help you motivate and improve student learning.


Lead Speaker: Karen Greenhaus

Technology Showcase -- Tuesday, April 20, 2010
210  8:45 AM to
9:45 AM

Carnegie Learning Technology Showcase: Launch of Carnegie Learning's New Geometry Curriculum Featuring the Cognitive Tutor Proof Tool
Come experience the new Carnegie Learning® Geometry Curriculum that incorporates the common strands of geometry throughout the lessons. It strengthens conceptual understanding using proofs, construction of shapes, and drawing algebraic connections. The instructional software provides embedded proof and construction tools for students to create proofs, diagrams, and complete problem solving tasks.


Lead Speaker: Sandy Bartle

226  10:15 AM to
11:15 AM

CASIO America, Inc. Technology Showcase: Do you speak "CASIO"?
Learn how intuitive operating CASIO's low-cost graphing calculator is. Become "bi-lingual" with the latest calculator technology to serve your entire student population by incorporating CASIO & TI in the classroom. Review popular modules as well as CASIO-specific teaching apps. Receive a "CASIO Calculator Phrase Book", fx-9750GII and fx-Manager PLUS Software. .


Lead Speaker: John Neral

249  2:45 PM to
3:45 PM

Explore Learning Technology Showcase: Using Online Simulations to Catalyze Better Math Instruction
We will summarize the research showing that computer-based simulations are powerful instructional aids and introduce the audience to ExploreLearning Gizmos that promote inquiry and understanding in Mathematics. The audience will work hands-on with Gizmos. An extended free trial will be offered at the end of the session.


Lead Speaker: Thom O'Brien