2010 NCSM Annual Conference

What You Can Expect: Snapshots from the 2009 NCSM Annual Conference, DC

Celebrated Speakers. Collegial Mathematics Education Leaders. Transformational Experiences.

Highlights from the 2009 NCSM Annual Conference in Washington, DC


Things I liked about the annual conference...

The Professional Growth opportunities:The opportunity to hear from speakers "in the know" with up-to-date information nationally. Also to be inspired about mathematics all over again by mixing with colleagues.
 The sessions provided something different from NCTM--it was in between research and what to do in the classroom (NCTM)--it was very practical information that was research based for the professional who wants more than classroom teachers do.
 The time to reflect on my work, while getting immerged in the work of others all around me.
 This is the first NCSM conference I have attended. It far exceeded my expectations. The Tuesday and Wednesday sessions were so informative. I am implementing several of the suggestions in our district.
The Speakers:My experience was a wonderful one. All the speakers were interesting and I was so glad to converse professionally and mathematically with peers.
 Opportunity to hear from outstanding people in the profession and network with colleagues across the nation.
 The presentations represented a wide variety of topics that interest me.
The Networking Opportunities:The people that attended offered good presentations. We had opportunities to interact with our colleagues with similar concerns.
 High caliber sessions, camaraderie of colleagues.
 Networking with fellow math specialists from across the US and meeting nationally known individuals in our field
 The regional caucus provided attendees to share common concerns as well as best practices. It also provided a forum to initiate discussion as to how NCSM and state supervisor organizations can better communicate and collaborate to better serve members.