Monday Sessions

Session 2019-036
How a Mathematics Leadership Team's Focus on Making Mathematics a Priority in Elementary Classrooms Changed School Culture Across the District by Desiree Harrison , Andrea Edwards, Colleen Stamm

Session 2019-038
What Strategy Did You Use?: How To Help Students Develop a Relationship With Mathematical Strategies to Advance Their Own Learning. by Sarah Dziak-Swanton

Session 2019-092
Ensuring High-Quality Mathematics Instruction for Students with Special Needs by Duane Habecker , Jamie Garner

Session 2019-105
Turning Misconceptions into "Aha!" Moments by Joan Tellish , Kay Sammons, Cheryl Akers

Session 2019-150
Peer Coaching Cohorts for Teachers:  Why They Work and Getting One Started in Your School or School District. by Daniel Greenberg

Session 2019-209
NCSM Past Presidents: Speed Chats for Leaders Around Critical Challenges and Effective Solutions by John Staley , Diane Briars, Linda Gojak, Carole Greenes, Timothy Kanold, Henry Kepner, Steve Leinwand, Valerie Mills, Suzanne Mitchell

Session 2019-215
Coaching Teachers Through the Process of Secondary Mathematics Vertical Articulation by Cassie Sisemore , Breanne Phillips, Laurie Duerksen

Session 2019-229
A Former Mathematics Hater's Strategies for Coaching Teachers with Mathematics Anxiety by Heidi Sabnani , Susan Looney

Session 2019-265
Mathematics Workshop: Developing Mathematical Knowledge Through Guided Mathematics, Learning Stations, Student Reflection, and More by Jennifer Lempp

Session 2019-277
Building Community to Improve Mathematics Education by Tammy Rudolph , Maria Everett, Christina Pirie, Laura Potter, Salli Waraksa

Session 2019-288
Five (Un)Productive Practices in Mathematics Teaching by Juli Dixon , Presider: Cheryl Cantin

Session 2019-289
How to Deepen Teachers' Mathematical Understanding, Facilitate Rich Student Thinking, and Improve Achievement by Leveraging Interactive Digital Technologies by Tim Hudson

Session 2019-297
Collaborative Coaching: How Do We Learn Together as a Team? by Nicora Placa

Session 2019-300
It Takes More than a Village:  Engaged Professional Learning to Promote Math Outcomes for ALL Students Using Evidence-Based Practices by Melinda Griffin , Terri Marx, Jenna Richard

Session 2019-314
Coaching Teachers to Engage Every Student in Discourse and Sense-making in the Mathematics Classroom by Danielle Seabold

Session 2019-341
Creating Opportunities to Learn for Rural and Isolated Teachers: Effective Strategies for Blended Face-to-Face and Online Professional Learning by Jennifer Luebeck , Matt Roscoe

Session 2019-353
Reaching 21st Century Learners through a Blended Learning Model by Andi Parr , Heather Plaisance, Denise Gilbert, Yvonne Williams, Arash Abnoussi

Session 2019-438
Surfing the Waves of Change: Ready, Set, Go! How to Support Building a Math Classroom That Lets the Kids Talk! by Barbara Blanke , TJ Jemison

Session 2019-463
Teaching Teachers How to Fish: Strategies and Structures for Engaging and Effective Professional Learning Experiences by Mary Hynes-Berry , Lauren Solarski, Stephanie Tominov, Tia Hanna, Faith Jones, Karen Griffin

Session 2019-478
Who's Doing the Work? Shifting the Cognitive Lift to Students in Mathematics Class by Joanie Funderburk

Session 2019-508
Making Waves with Changes in Acceleration Practices by Sherri Martinie , Connie Schrock, Melissa Fast

Session 2019-510
Coaching to Advance Justice: Revising Coaching Tools to Explicitly Attend to Issues of Justice and Equity in Mathematics Teaching by Amber Willis , Heather Beasley, Melissa Kemmerle, Sabrina Salazar, Karen Reinhardt, Deborah Ball

Session 2019-533
Moving Beyond Think-Pair-Share: Routines for Mathematical Discourse by B. Michelle Rinehart , Daniel Ilaria, Presider: Carolyn Briles

Session 2019-589
Intentional Planning Improves Instruction by Brenda Lynch

Session 2019-592
Detracking Mathematics Meetup by Lisa Brown, Luis Lima, Emma Trevino, Sherri Jones

Session 2019-607
Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in Mathematics by Sue Ball , Janine Franklin, Hilary Greavette

Session 2019-741
Developing a Positive Error-Climate: Action Steps from Research and Practice by Karin Lange , Christina Barbieri, Julie Booth, Tim Fukawa-Connelly

Session 2019-742
Desmo-fy Your Mathematics Lesson: What the Latest Research Shows About How to Bridge the Achievement Gap by Ivan Cheng , Matthew Kim, Jaspreet Sandha

Session 2019-746
Exploring Tasks and Assessments to Develop Prospective and In-Service Elementary Teachers' Specialized Content Knowledge of Geometry and Measurement by Betsy Berry

Session 2019-754
Five Keys to Equity in STEM by Cathy Seeley , Presider: Sue Vohrer

Session 2019-760
Leverage a Common Problem Type to Design an Instructional Routine for ALL Students by Amy Lucenta , Grace Kelemanik

Session 2019-779
"Community, Collaboration and Computers: Using Multimedia Platforms to Foster Effective Instructional Guidance, Collaboration and Support" by Stephanie Reddick

Session 2019-864
Recognizing and Overcoming the Barriers to Ensuring ALL Students Learn Mathematics by Connie Schrock, NCSM President , Bill Barnes, NCSM 1st Vice President-Program Chair, Keynote Speaker: Luis Cruz

Session 2019-887
Bridges Intervention - Delivering Clear and Systematic Instruction by Pia Hansen

Session 2019-900
Have you ever wanted to submit an article for the NCSM Journal? by Carolyn Briles

Tuesday Sessions

Session 2019-001
Talk Number to Me: Mathematics and Mindfulness by Christina Lincoln-Moore, Presider: Kathlan Latimer

Session 2019-020
Great Mathematics Leaders as Rebels with a Cause for Students by Steve Leinwand , Jason Gauthier

Session 2019-089
Lessons Learned: Reflections on Math Intervention K-2 by Judith Campbell , Chi Quach, Tanya Tabic

Session 2019-141
Learning to Listen: Supporting Elementary Preservice Candidates in Building Capacity for Effective Use of Number Talks by Patricia Rogers

Session 2019-143
Designing Mathematics Coach Professional Development to Support Improvements in the Quality of One-on-One Coaching by Nicholas Kochmanski , Emily Kern, Jessica Slayton, Tyrunya Goodwin, Paul Cobb

Session 2019-182
Teaching Strategies for Success in a Mathematics Classroom by Linda Griffith , Kyle Atkin, Linda Antinone

Session 2019-239
Coaching Toward Common Ground: Creating a Shared Vision and Growing Professionally as a Team by Delise Andrews , Beth Kobett

Session 2019-240
#Mathematics Moments that Matter by Susie Katt

Session 2019-254
Powerful Mathematics Leadership Axioms: Teamwork and Community! by Timothy Kanold , Presider: Jackie Palmquist

Session 2019-275
Strategic + Planning + Session = Success by Lori Ramsey , Sandra Coulson

Session 2019-286
Coaching: A Powerful Wave to Move Teachers by Nanci Smith , Lori Everson

Session 2019-374
What counts as evidence of student learning? by Margaret Pligge , Joanne Baker, Nancy Mueller

Session 2019-409
Leading Mathematics: A Professional Learning Design for Administrators Supporting High-Quality Mathematics Instruction by Audrey Mendivil , Mark Alcorn

Session 2019-420
Coaching with and for Effective Questioning by Jennifer Bay-Williams , Maggie McGatha, Presider: Denise Trakas

Session 2019-449
School Mathematics Leadership Team Creation by Shelly Pine , Justin Maffei, Cynthia Cooper, Kathleen Morris, Deborah Crawford

Session 2019-455
Coaching for Access: Special Needs and Mathematics by Susan Resnick , Kara Marks

Session 2019-469
Growth Mindset and Mistakes: Opportunities to Increase Student Learning by Penny Smits , Ilene Kanoff

Session 2019-480
Raise the Ceiling, Lower the Floor: Teaching Problem Solving for ALL Students by Susan Loveless

Session 2019-496
The Power of Teacher-Led Professional Development in Mathematics by Heidi Fessenden , Michelle Sirois

Session 2019-504
What does it mean to take a transformational perspective with secondary Geometry? Helping teachers understand this approach. by Travis Lemon

Session 2019-506
From Mathematics Coach to Mathematics Assistant Principal: An Innovative Position Building Collective Capacity of Site Administrators and Teachers Through Collaboration by Stacey Benuzzi , Jay Camerino

Session 2019-538
All Means All: Teaching Math to English Language Learners from All Over the World by Victoria Peacock

Session 2019-579
Leading Collaboratively: Mathematics Professional Learning for Principals by Cathy Bruce , Tara Flynn

Session 2019-597
Developing Conceptual Understanding for High School Students by Tim Truitt , Phil Daro

Session 2019-657
Coaching for Equity: Research-Based Approaches to Supporting High-Quality Math Content and Instruction for ALL Students by Sarah Burns , Debbie Leslie, Andy Isaacs

Session 2019-680
Making the Right Choice (now that you have one), K-8 Mathematics by Stephanie Fisher, Lynn Smith

Session 2019-681
What Do they Know and What Can they Do: Digging Deeper into Assessment by Marc Garneau

Session 2019-729
Leading Learners to Level Up: Establishing and Using Goals to Focus Learning by Jennifer Wilson

Session 2019-768
Equity and Access for All: A tale of two studies by Matt McLeod , Babette Moeller, Eden Badertscher

Session 2019-855
The Importance of Play in Mathematics Education by Francis Su , Sue Vohrer

Session 2019-881
Promoting Productive Struggle in the Math Classroom by Daniel Ilaria , Curtis Brown

Session 2019-888
Paradigm Shift: Changing the Culture of Mathematics and Learning in Schools by Nigel Nisbet

Wednesday Sessions

Session 2019-093
Defining Number Concept and Number Sense by Carrie Fortunato

Session 2019-097
Coaching The Coach: Techniques and Tools That Supports Teacher and Student Efficacy by Cory Haley

Session 2019-115
Extending Math Talks: Intentional Talk Structures in Secondary Mathematics by Amy Hoelscher , B. Michelle Rinehart

Session 2019-122
Beyond Titles, About Actions: Building Organic Teacher Leadership of Mathematics by Rebeka Matthews Sousa , Lou Matthews

Session 2019-125
Planning the Rigor Narrative with the Resources You Have by Erica Heinzman , Alexandra Martinez

Session 2019-128
Creating a School Culture of Reflection Through the Implementation of Learning Walks by Pam Morris , Marta Eskin

Session 2019-131
Transformative Coaching: Coaching to Ensure Teacher Change by Faith Muirhead

Session 2019-159
Taking the Standards of Mathematical Practice Seriously by Catherine Fosnot , Phil Daro

Session 2019-164
Math Games Show Student's Gifts and Gaps - Using Math Game Journals for Assessment by Jane Felling

Session 2019-180
Deepening and Connecting Geometry, Geometric Measurement, and Operations and Algebraic Thinking (OA) Within and Across the Grades by Karen Fuson

Session 2019-197
Middle School Mathematics Intervention: One District's Journey to Improve Support for All Students by Joshua Males , Anne Schmidt, Julie Kreizel

Session 2019-251
Multiplicative Reasoning in Action: An Interactive Professional Development Session Modeling How to Support Teachers to Link Area Models with Algorithms by Mary Abele-Austin , Karen Reinhardt

Session 2019-262
The TRUth About Professional Learning Communities: How the Teaching For Robust Understanding (TRU) Framework Put the Focus Back On Students by Courtney Ortega , Mary Reed

Session 2019-280
Using Revolutionary Curriculum and Technological Tools to Improve Communication Pathways, Deepen Learning, and Get True Parent Buy-In by Celia Jimenez , Ann-Marie Evans, Alexandra Bayuk

Session 2019-291
Who's Asking the Questions in Math Class? Strategies for Cultivating and Assessing Students' Curiosity by Tim Hudson

Session 2019-310
Engaging a Community of Coaches in One Urban School District to Lead The Intersectionality of Equity and Ambitious Instruction by Nancy Horowitz , Lynne Godfrey, Julie Ward

Session 2019-361
Develop Five Essential Values in New Mathematics Teachers by John Berray , Erica Heinzman

Session 2019-435
Leading Vertical Lesson Study: Building Coherent High Quality Mathematics Instruction Across the Grades by Andrea Barraugh

Session 2019-493
Collaborative Coaching: Working Together to Support Meaningful Collaboration and Reflective Teaching by Alison Whittington , Amanda Zimolzak, Jeanne DiDomenico

Session 2019-560
The Language Spectrum in Mathematics Classrooms: Supporting Instruction that Empowers Students in Multiple Contexts by Samuel Otten , Michelle Cirillo, Michael Steele

Session 2019-601
Change Takes a Village: Building Leadership Capacity in Your District by Anne Gallagher , Tamara Smith, Mary Ellen Huggins

Session 2019-610
Integrating Learning Progressions to Enhance the Mathematics Teaching and Learning Practices. by Kim Hughes , Jacob Sisson

Session 2019-658
What Hat Are You Wearing?  Learning Together Through Video Based Discussions by Alisa Brown , Hilda Borko, Emma Trevino, Mary Maher

Session 2019-723
Three Massive Mistakes Elementary Education Leaders Make That Contribute to Disappointing Mathematics Scores by Kimberly Rimbey

Session 2019-744
Shifting The Mathematical Authority: Supporting All Students In Building Their Mathematical Understanding by Jamila Riser , Michael Reitemeyer, Kathleen Olenderski

Session 2019-762
Mathematics That Matters - Leading Change Through Socially Impactful Tasks Designed To Impact Instruction, Communities, and Achievement by Kristopher Childs , Vernita Glenn-White

Session 2019-770
An Online Professional Learning Model Designed to Support Teachers in Facilitating Mathematical Discussions by Cynthia Callard , Cynthia Carson, Ryan Gillespie

Session 2019-795
Reading too Much into Assessments by Funda Gonulates , Daniel McGee, Dee Crescitelli

Session 2019-803
Providing Professional Development and Developing Leaders in Geographically Challenging Locations Supported by Technology by Samantha Wuttig , Michelle Daml

Session 2019-850
How to Successfully Write Conference Proposals for NCSM by Bill Barnes

Session 2019-882
Math Modeling: Getting Started, Getting Solutions, Computing and Communicating by Michelle Montgomery , Akash Gopisetty, Benjamin Galluzzo

Session 2019-883
More Choice, More Voice by Deb McGinley

Session 2019-885
EMF Math: An Online, Self-Paced, Challenging Curriculum for Middle School (6-8) by Iain Ferguson

Session 2019-890
Wednesday Lunch - The Neuroscience of Deeper Learning by Nigel Nisbet

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