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Sponsor Showcase, Monday, April 1
 9:15:00 AM to
10:15:00 AM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

Using Learning Intentions and Success Criteria to Improve Teacher Clarity
Teacher clarity has a 0.75 effect size on student learning (Hattie, 2015) and it begins with clearly communicating learning intentions and success criteria. Classroom video and examples bring clarity to writing and using learning intentions and success criteria. Learn how a small change in your practice can have a huge impact on student learning.


Lead Speaker: Laurie Boswell

 11:00:00 AM to
12:00:00 PM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

Challenges and Opportunities in 21st Century Mathematics Education
Join us for a hands-on discussion regarding the challenges facing 21st century mathematics education, the opportunities afforded today's students in this Third Industrial Revolution, and creative solutions for reaching and preparing more students for tomorrow's challenges.


Lead Speaker: Lawrence Korchnak

 1:30:00 PM to
2:30:00 PM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

The Science of Implementation
Choosing a good program is one thing; implementing it well is another. Learn about the data-driven science of implementation and structures for improving the implementation of your next program. What needs to happen at the district and building levels to maximize your chances of success? How can you partner with your provider most effectively?


Co-Presenter: Melinda Schwartz

 2:45:00 PM to
3:45:00 PM
Torrey Pines 3K-5 ElementarySponsor Showcase

Bridges Intervention - Delivering Clear and Systematic Instruction
Searching for an effective K-5 intervention resource with built-in assessments and frequent progress monitoring? Discover how Bridges Intervention uses the power of visual models to reach struggling students. Organized by content rather than grade, each session includes warm-ups, teaching lessons and practice pages focused on the priority standards and practices.


Lead Speaker: Pia Hansen


Handout: NCSM19-887_Hansen.pdf

 4:00:00 PM to
5:00:00 PM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

Helping teachers develop manageable instructional practices to elicit and use the mathematical thinking of all students to inform instruction
How do you help teachers make sense of student thinking, ask meaningful questions, use instructional strategies to engage all students in sharing their ideas, and use what they learn about students' mathematical reasoning to guide instruction? We will  include instructional strategies and classroom videos as we share ideas to help you support teachers, particularly focusing on engaging all students in persevering, sharing ideas, and making connections. Leave with practical recommendations that can be implemented immediately.


Lead Speaker: Grace Kelemanik
Co-Presenter: Amy Lucenta

Sponsor Showcase, Tuesday, April 2
 8:15:00 AM to
9:15:00 AM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

The Future of Mathematics Curriculum
We want to hear from you! The landscape of mathematical instruction is continually evolving. As the national leaders of mathematics in education, what does the future of mathematics look like for your district and the nation? Come discuss with your peers about what leading mathematics into the future looks like--the challenges, successes, myths, and realities. * Attendees will receive a gift card for participating and contributing to the 1-hour session.


Lead Speaker: Beth Minor

 10:00:00 AM to
11:00:00 AM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

Promoting Productive Struggle in the Math Classroom
Effective teaching of mathematics consistently provides students with opportunities and supports them to engage in productive struggle. How do we intentionally design instruction to include opportunities for all learners to notice and question? This session will focus on instructional strategies for using TI technology to promote productive struggle.


Lead Speaker: Daniel Ilaria
Co-Presenter: Curtis Brown


Handout: NCSM19-881_Ilaria.pdf

 11:15:00 AM to
12:15:00 PM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

Paradigm Shift: Changing the Culture of Mathematics and Learning in Schools
Society has a math problem, and it's not one that can be solved by traditional methods. To improve outcomes at a significant scale in our education system, we must become adept at changing the culture of learning. In this presentation, MIND Research Institute's Vice President of Content Creation, Nigel Nisbet, will demonstrate how neuroscience, motivational research, and innovative technology can transform mathematics and learning for students, teachers, and parents.


Lead Speaker: Nigel Nisbet


Handout: NCSM19-888_Nisbet.pdf

 2:15:00 PM to
3:15:00 PM
Torrey Pines 36-8 MiddleSponsor Showcase

Ensuring Equity with LearnZillion's publication of the Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 Math Curriculum
In this session you will experience how the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum engages all students in the exploration and comprehension of mathematical concepts. We will investigate how mathematical language and content routines provide equitable access for all learners throughout the problem-based curriculum. Together, we will experience how LearnZillion's digital platform provides efficient structure and tools for teachers to cultivate rich classroom conversations provided by the architecture of the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum.


Lead Speaker: Jeff Crawford

Sponsor Showcase, Wednesday, April 3
 8:15:00 AM to
9:15:00 AM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

Math Modeling: Getting Started, Getting Solutions, Computing and Communicating
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics' (SIAM) organizes an annual math modeling contest for high school students: MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge . Free registration and participation; open to high schools in the US. $100,000 awarded annually. Learn about the Challenge, the open ended and data driven problems posed, and how to participate meaningfully. Run through a recent Challenge problem, using basic approaches up through using technical computing. Speakers are from SIAM, MathWorks, and a Challenge problem writer/judge. Participants will receive comp copies of Math Modeling handbooks.


Lead Speaker: Michelle Montgomery
Co-Presenter: Akash Gopisetty
Co-Presenter: Benjamin Galluzzo


Handout: NCSM19-882_Montgomery.pdf

 9:30:00 AM to
10:30:00 AM
Torrey Pines 3K-5 ElementarySponsor Showcase

More Choice, More Voice
Helping students find their voice is a fundamental habit that needs to be promoted and established in the classroom. This workshop will leverage the research on how giving students choice in the classroom empowers them to find their voice and become active, engaged members of the classroom community. Walk away with resources to make this happen in your room. (K-5) #MathItUp


Lead Speaker: Deb McGinley


Handout: NCSM19-883_McGinley.pdf

 10:45:00 AM to
11:45:00 AM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

Leaders Supporting Math Workshop Model- What Works?
How do leaders best support math workshop's vision of whole class and small group instruction? Learn how Fairfax County Public Schools supports their teachers' implementation of a math workshop model with a wide range of resources and tools.


Lead Speaker: Melinda Schwartz
Co-Presenter: Lynne Bursch

 1:45:00 PM to
2:45:00 PM
Torrey Pines 3GeneralSponsor Showcase

Math Intervention: Strategies to Help Students Catch Up
Struggling learners deserve programs that help them catch up. However, typical support classes focus on below grade level skills - an insidious form of tracking that does little to help students do better in their core mathematics class. We will explore how principles from intervention research can be applied to build effective programs and deliver them in the classroom. Stories from the field of challenges and successes will be included.


Lead Speaker: Shelley Kriegler
Co-Presenter: Mark Goldstein

 3:00:00 PM to
4:00:00 PM
Torrey Pines 36-8 MiddleSponsor Showcase

EMF Math: An Online, Self-Paced, Challenging Curriculum for Middle School (6-8)
Come and experience EMF first hand! EMF addresses all the standards for Prealgebra through Precalculus and also covers many other topics from Modern Mathematics. Participants will get to make connections and problem solve. You will see how middle school students construct proofs and communicate in ways that usually aren't seen until the college level. Find out about the EMF tools that excite and engage middle school students all around the world.


Lead Speaker: Iain Ferguson


Handout: NCSM19-885_Ferguson.pdf

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