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Technology Showcase, Monday, April 3
1315  11:15 AM to
12:15 PM
IndependenceGeneralTechnology ShowcaseExemplary Assessment Leadership

Mathematics Leadership to Impact Assessment Practices
Today’s assessment practices underscore the importance of innovation and problem-solving as indicators of college and career readiness. As mathematics leaders, we must provide professional learning that intentionally builds teacher capacity for effective use of technology. In this presentation, we will share work being done that develops instructional leadership qualities and effective practices that impact students' learning.


Lead Speaker: Matthew Owens

1515  12:30 PM to
1:30 PM
IndependenceGeneralTechnology ShowcaseMotivational Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Going Blended: The Power of Teaching and Learning in a Personalized Classroom
A blended classroom presents a host of unique challenges and opportunities. This workshop will present essential strategies to help educators transition to an effective blended classroom. Combining teacher-led instruction with computer-delivered instruction, blended instruction provides teachers with data to plan and implement practices that best meet the needs of English language learners, while providing students with personalized content.


Lead Speaker: Peter Cipkowski

1615  1:45 PM to
2:45 PM
Technology ShowcaseEmpowering Equity and Social Justice Leadership

Deepen Student Understanding by Connecting Representations
Encouraging students to solve problems in multiple ways is only one piece of the understanding puzzle. Students must also learn to look for and make connections between representations and solution approaches. We will examine student work samples, generate and reflect on commentary, and discuss connections among student work and how they can have a profound impact on mathematics discussions in the classroom.


Lead Speaker: Meghan Hearn
Co-Presenter: Sean Nank
Co-Presenter: Colette Chambers

1715  3:00 PM to
4:00 PM
Technology ShowcaseMotivational Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Students Love Mathematics with a Transition to Student-Centered Learning
Lee’s Summit R7 School District rolled out growth mindset and TenMarks Math as they shifted to standards-based grading over the last two years. This fundamental shift also included a one-to-one rollout. Join Julie Kubiak, Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator, to learn about the steps they took, the professional development involved, the shift in student and teacher thinking, and the hurdles they overcame.


Lead Speaker: Julie Kubiak

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