Who is NCSM? NCSM is a mathematics education leadership organization that strives to equip and empower mathematics leaders. We support, sustain, and inspire high quality mathematics teaching and learning every day for each and every learner. Our Mission and Vision drive the work of the organization.

We have close to 3,000 members and our annual conference attendance rate is continuing to increase.

NCSM is a volunteer organization and there are many ways to support NCSM. We engage in mutually beneficial partnerships with companies and organizations interested in the same mission and vision. Our partners have provided contributions of all kinds-services, products, and funding-over the years that have allowed NCSM to increase the quality and level of products, services, and experiences to NCSM members.

NEW THIS YEAR: Learn more about NCSM Sponsor Partner Opportunities and NCSM Advertising Opportunities on our dedicated website for sponsors.

If you are interested in exploring sponsorship, please contact Jeannie Toshima and Ronni David, NCSM Sponsor Liaisons. Jeannie and Ronni will be happy to talk with you about your ideas. You may also contact them at:

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