NCSM podcasts are provided as part of the educational services NCSM provides members and visitors to the NCSM web site.

Accessing the Podcasts

NCSM podcasts

These podcasts (as MP3/MPEG format audio files), can be listened to or downloaded from this web page. In addition, you can subscribe to the NCSM podcast episodes by using your favorite "pod catcher" (such as Apple's iTunes, available for Mac or PC platforms), or any method that accepts or manages RSS feeds. By subscribing, you'll be sure to know when future episodes are available.

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You may link to NCSM podcast(s) from your personal web site, and audio files may be downloaded and played on any system for personal, noncommercial purposes, provided that, (unless permission to do so is expressly stated and granted) you do not modify the podcast content nor redistribute the MP3 audio files made available as part of the podcast, nor any audio file downloaded from any portion of the NCSM web site, www.mathedleadership.org.