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Lisa Scott

Mathematics Consultant

I am honored to serve as a Fall Leadership Seminar Director for NCSM along with Pat Baltzley. The fall seminars are an opportunity for mathematics education leaders to come together to share ideas and learn more about mathematics practices, strategies, models and concepts. The seminars will recharge and inspire you with ideas and actions to continue supporting others in effective mathematics instruction. I am excited to assist in the creation and design of these professional development opportunities.

I joined NCSM when I became an instructional mathematics coach for my school district. I was unsure what it meant to be a coach and looked to NCSM for guidance. I was awarded the Iris Carl Grant and attended the annual conference. It was the best professional development I had ever received! I learned so much about aligning curriculum, instruction and assessment. It gave me the tools I needed to go back and assist the teachers I was coaching. I continue to gain information from the Coaching Corner, CCSS, and the NCSM books. I started a mathematics consulting business and the Illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice modules gave me the resources I needed during my first year. Two of my go to books for planning professional development are "It's Time" and "PRIME Leadership Framework". My membership in NCSM has helped me grow and develop as a mathematics leader and consultant.