Sponsor Leadership Events

October 28-31, 2023

There are many opportunities to sponsor and support NCSM during the annual conference.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Visit the NCSM Sponsor Prospectus to purchase sponsorship of any of these items.

  • Annual Conference Food and Beverage Function Opportunities
  • Sponsor Showcase
  • Program Book
  • Insert Items into the NCSM Conference Bag
  • Conference Artifacts
    • Conference Bag for attendees
    • Lanyard Sponsorship for attendee name badge
    • Promotional gift
    • Attendee gift
    • Conference Attendee Support
    • Conference Gift for each NCSM Member

To purchase any of the annual event sponsor opportunities visit the NCSM Sponsor Prospectus.

Contact the sponsor liaisons Sheila Holt, or Brea Ratliff for further information.

The Leadership Academies are multi-day institutes that draw 100+ mathematics education leaders from around the nation and Canada. Many attend as school, district, or regional teams. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your company and products.  Sponsorship opportunities can be found in the NCSM Sponsor Prospectus.

Benefits of Sponsoring

  • Send pre-event emails to approximately 6,600 math leaders across the country with logo and links to your website
  • Advertise via social media posts to NCSM Facebook and Twitter (22,600 followers) accounts including sponsor name, logo, and website
  • Access to the list of attendees and contact information
  • Your company representative is invited to attend as an observer
  • Your representative will have an opportunity to address the attendees

To purchase any of the Leadership Academy sponsor opportunities visit the NCSM Sponsor Prospectus.  Note: The NCSM Leadership Academy Director or designee must approve your use of the NCSM Logo, NCSM Annual Conference logo, or other NCSM graphics

Contact  Sheila Holt for further information.