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Summer Academy will be held in Madison Wisconsin
Theme: Building Leadership: Leveraging Coaching
Dates: July 22-24 2019
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Fall Seminars 2019 will be in Nashville TN and Iowa.

Newsletter Available

The Winter 2018-2019 Newsletter is now available to Members online.

50th NCSM Annual Conference

View Pedro Noguera's Keynote Speech at the 50th NCSM Annual Conference in Washinton DC 2018.

NCSM Position Papers

Read a new position paper in the Computer Science and K-12 Mathematics

Read a new position paper in the Joint Position Papers Series
"Building STEM Education on a Sound Mathematical Foundation" (NCSM/NCTM)

NCSM Stands up for Students and the Leaders, Teachers, and Coaches who Support Them

NCSM stands behind quality research and supports the independence and freedom of the mathematics education researchers whose vision and hard work informs the work we do in schools and classrooms nationwide. Sometimes the findings of research challenge the status quo and cause us to question the state of the world as it currently exists. While these findings and challenges may be uncomfortable for some, NCSM believes strongly that these conversations and research are necessary to the work we do in service to educators and our students. Because no single study or research report should direct broad policy, NCSM is committed to helping leaders understand the full body of available research and giving leaders the tools they need to make informed decisions for their school contexts.

This past week the same news source that targeted NCSM and TODOS' joint position paper on equity and social justice has targeted another member of our mathematics education community, Dr. Rochelle Gutíerrez, with an article about her recent chapter in a volume published by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE). Read AMTE's statement of support for the volume. NCTM and TODOS have also produced statements of support containing valuable information. The mathematics education community has responded passionately in defense of Rochelle on social media using the hashtag #IstandwithRochelle, and supporting the research agenda of not just this one individual, but also the work of all researchers. NCSM believes in research and academic debate, thus we strongly condemn the content and nature of the personal attacks against researchers and the work they produce. NCSM joins its voice to the resounding support in the mathematics education community for researchers, particularly Dr. Gutierrez in this context, as well as research in general and the role it plays in making the futures of our students brighter.

New Grants for Educators

Teacher-Leader Professional Learning Grant (Pre-K-12)

A Call for a Collective Action to Develop Awareness:
Equity & Social Justice in Mathematics Education

As the 2016-2017 school year begins, we invite you to join with educators from around the country and possibly the world in A Call for a Collective Action to Develop Awareness: Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education.

Here you will find a listing of articles and books identified by several mathematics education organizations and mathematics educators. Each month's reading(s) has a set of focus questions for you to consider during that month as you reflect on the readings.

It Worked!

Over 20 vignettes of first-hand successful coaching experiences are now live on It Worked! -- a new section on Coaching Corner. In December 2015, the NCSM Coaching Committee collaborated with a group of math specialists, teacher leaders, coaches from all levels at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland.

NCSM Position Papers

Read two new position papers in the Improving Student Achievement Series

"Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics Through Formative Assessment in Instruction" (NCSM/AMTE)

"Improving Student Achievement by Implementing Highly Effective Teacher Evaluation Practices"

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2020 NCSM Election Information

Online voting closed October 15.

NCSM election results for the organization's board of directors have been announced. The terms of the newly elected board members will begin at the end of the April 2019 NCSM Annual Conference in San Diego, CA .

Election results for the NCSM Board of Directors are as follows:

Shawn Towle
Second Vice President

Steven Shadel
Regional Director, Central 1

Cathy Boutin
Regional Director, Eastern 1

Katey Arrington
Regional Director, Southern 2

From Steve Viktora, NCSM Nominations Chair

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51st NCSM Annual Conference

Making Waves
with Effective Mathematics Leadership

April 1-3, 2019
7:00 am Monday - 5:00 pm Wednesday
San Diego, CA

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The NCSM Affiliates are valued members of the NCSM organization. Please read more about our current affiliates and the process to follow for your mathematics education organization to become an NCSM affiliate.

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